The Omnipresent Derrick Mason

Remember last December when the NFL Network crew screwed up and put Derrick Mason’s headshot on Roy Williams of the Cowboys’ name? (here is our post showing it in case you forgot)

Well, it seems that D-Mase was so caught up in all the hype surrounding the Favre vs. Packers matchup tonight, that he just couldn’t stay away, as he is moonlighting this season as not Roy Williams, but as former Raven Derrick Martin.


Hopefully Mason can get some inside information on the Packers and Vikings, two teams on the Ravens’ schedule later this season.


3 Responses to “The Omnipresent Derrick Mason”

  1. Goob Says:

    Its just a glimpse into the future because on december 7th he’ll be in their secondary all night long

  2. urmom Says:

    So, I talked with Jaws this morning about what happened with the Mason mistake on MNF last night.

    I had two real questions:

    1. How did you guys end up with a picture of Derrick Mason as a SS for the Packers?
    2. Where did you find a picture of him a Packers uniform.

    The answers were very interesting. For question 1 he said that it was a simple mistake of white people thinking all black people look alike. He said that Tirico is the only black guy on the staff and he doesn’t even really count. For question 2 he said that the packers actually provided a picture of Derrick Mason in a packers uniform over the summer. The Packers, learning a little bit about the absoluteness of retirement actually were courting Mason to come out of retirment. The front office actually mocked up this picture to lure Mason out of retirement, playing to Masons known fondness of wearing green and gold.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    @ urmom.

    Good shits.

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