Kelley Washington's Grooves – You Down?

When the Ravens picked up wide receiver Kelley Washington this offseason, you may remember that we posted the above video as evidence of what to expect with No. 15 in town. Now, the above celebration was done after Washington scored a touchdown; however, in Sunday’s opener against Kansas City, Washington caught a 22-yard pass from Joe Flacco for a first down just about 2.5 minutes into a scoreless game…and began to shake and gyrate “like he had stuck his finger in an electric socket,” to paraphrase one complainer I heard yesterday.

There are two sides to this argument, and honestly I can see the valid points from both.

“It’s just a game, and harmless fun”

This is the school of thought that says that Kelley wasn’t trying to show up the Chiefs, or be overly cocky, he was instead just trying to feed off the energy from the crowd, and inject some of his own. If you think the NFL is really starting to stand for the “No Fun League,” and you cringe whenever Roger Goodell hands out another fine for end zone celebrations, you probably see no problem with Washington’s antics. You loved when Joe Horn busted out the sharpie cell phone, Chad Ochocinco using the end zone pylon as a putter, and think T.O. should be an honorary member of the cheerleading squad. It’s not taunting, its just fun.

“Act like you’ve been there before!”

Those that fall into this camp absolutely hate celebratory dances/taunts, especially when they come after anything less than a game-changing touchdown. You fully support bans on “props” during end zone celebrations, which you think there should be far fewer of anyway. You wish these players would just realize that, when they succeed, they are just doing what they are GETTING PAID TO DO! You don’t jump up and down in your boss’s office when you hand him your timesheet or latest TPS report, or when you close a sale, so why do these idiots think they have to show everybody up? Barry Sanders is probably your favorite running back of the last 20 years.

Like I said, its tough for me to pick a side here. When I was at the game Sunday, and Kelley danced, I (very white-ly) mimicked it, and it did indeed pump me up even more. I can also understand the argument that Mark Zinno of 105.7 had, which was that, if it were Hines Ward out there dancing like that against the Ravens, we would all be losing our collective shits over it. Likewise, if Washington does that against Pittsburgh, he can expect to quickly find himself planted 6 inches into the turf, courtesy of James Harrison.

So, what do you think? Should Kelley tone it down, should John Harbaugh make sure he does so, or should everybody just keep it light out there?


9 Responses to “Kelley Washington's Grooves – You Down?”

  1. urmom Says:

    I’m all for a celebration, as long as it’s good. I’m not a fan of the air stab (unless he uses his hips).

  2. Jon Says:

    I am okay with certain TD celebrations but not with first down celebrations unless it is a first down at the end of the game to run out the clock and get a win. Also, I heard Washington’s dance was a tribute to the dance that OJ Brigance did. That adds a different angle to the debate.

  3. Matt Says:

    There is one thing that everybody forgets about football players they are entertainers. Sure its a sport but we watch the game for entertainment. I don’t mind celebrating after a good play but a first down in a game that barely started is a bit over the top. Like I said to Ape all the time that its just a game. Also Nest it was T.O. who busted out the sharpie. Joe Horn was the one with the cell phone under the goal post.

  4. Goob Says:

    I have no problem doing that against Pittsburgh… he should show all of them up. I’m quite jealous because just like Nestminder…I’m white and don’t have that type of rythm

  5. Realist Says:

    Maybe Washington should get some of that pepilepsy medicine from Samari Rolle.

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Somewhere there’s a golden retriever, havin’ a seizure!

    Come on, make a donation, and save a shaky dalmatian!

    Ooooo, think about the epileptic dogs….

  7. Lee Says:

    He has 18 first downs since ’05 so why not treat them like TD’s. It still looked a mess though.

  8. Orangebird Says:

    He did the dance today

  9. NestMinder Says:

    And it was glorious

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