Just Say "NO!!!" to Brandon Marshall

Listening to Ravens fans whine on the airwaves lately about the team’s wide receiver situation has been particularly irksome.  Never is it worse, though, than when a caller (usually led by a particular noodle-haired sports talk show host in town) practically begs Ozzie Newsome & Co. to sell the farm and go get Denver Broncos WR Brandon Marshall.

Take a look at this video, of Marshall making a mockery of practice this week, and reevaluate your stances please, Anita those of you who think the NFL works like fantasy football.


That’s what you want on your team?

When it comes to Brandon Marshall, just say no.


5 Responses to “Just Say "NO!!!" to Brandon Marshall”

  1. Lee Says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the video was Anita. How does she defend/wish he was here/gush all over him now??

  2. realist Says:

    …he’s better than Derrick Mason.

  3. Poodle Hair Says:

    Bwendan marshie iz funnie

  4. Jon Says:

    Like Billick did during the 2000 season for saying “playoffs,” they should fine on Anita every time she mentions Brandon Marshall. Does anyone honesty think this is a guy Harbaugh wants?

  5. Orangebird Says:

    She never stops talking about Marshall! NEVER

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