Ravens Training Camp, Sunday 8/9/09

Goob and I made it out to training camp yesterday.  For me, it was the first time since 2005.  Aside from the annoyance of the Ravens holding the majority of the practice on the far field, as opposed to the one right in front of all the nice tents they have set up (seriously, wtf?), it was a good time.  Here are a couple pics and vids of the goings-on that we witnessed:

 DE Paul Kruger and LB William Van De Steeg, holding down the “white dudes with afros” portion of the practice.  Seriously, these two could definitely trade jerseys and I doubt anybody would be able to tell.

 The DBs coming over for a drill.


Mr. REEEEEEEEEED.  Note the lack of Red (no contact) jersey.  A good sign, although I hear he has it back on today.

 Speaking of Mr. Reed – we saw one defensive touchdown during 11-on-11 drills, and to the surprise of exactly nobody, it was Fast Eddie doing the honors.  A botched snap between Matt Birk and Joe Flacco ended up on the ground, and #20 scooped and scored.  You can see Flacco giving chase in the photo.  He actually almost caught Ed, who was in about 1.5th gear at that point, but much like a dog chasing a car, I’m not sure that Joe had any idea what he would have done had he caught up.  Can you just imagine that headline in today’s paper? “Flacco and Reed Injured as QB Tackles S.”  Guh.  I’m glad he didn’t catch up.


Here’s Steve Hauschka booting what was about a 45-50 yard FG.  His competition, Graham Gano, didn’t practice on Sunday, and spent all afternoon rolling some sort of bar over his right quad, as if trying to knead out a cramp.


On this one, Flacco completed a nice sideline pass to…somebody.  I couldn’t see.  Let’s go with Demetrius Williams.


Finally, we see Troy Smith commit a Red Zone turnover.  If you listen, you can hear me saying to Troy during the video, “stop staring over here.”  He was locked in on the spot WR Marcus Smith was running to, which happened to be directly in front of me, so I could see that he never even attempted to look the defense off.  Of course, they noticed too, and K.J. Gerard made the pick.

Some other notes:

  • The defense beat up on the offense for the most part, just as we’re used to seeing in Westminister.  The first-team offense struggled mightily.
  • Some of the walking wounded were back on the field, including L.J. Smith, Ben Grubbs, Michael Oher, and Oneil Cousins.
  • Still no sign of T-Sizzle.
  • Coach Harbaugh has a blast with special teams practice.  He had everybody under the sun, including kids and what looked like some United States Marines, running down with the kickoff coverage teams.

That’s likely the last training camp report you’ll get from me this year, but Luke Jones over at WNST does a great job every day from McDaniel College.


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