Can We Please Stop Fawning Over Snoop Dogg?

In case you hadn’t heard (not likely), Snoop Dogg paid a surprise visit to Ravens training camp today, as a guest of his “good friend” Ray Lewis.

Everybody has been ooo-ing and ahh-ing the appearance of Mr. Doggy Dogg in Westminster.  He even basically had his own press conference, which Jamison Hensley transcribed here.

Snoop said all the right things that you would expect when surrounded by the Ravens and throes of their most dedicated fans.  However, for some reason, nobody is mentioning Snoop’s dirty little (not so) secret.






That’s right.  Snoop is an unabashed Squealers fan.  I, for one, was hoping Ray Ray would stop mid-sentence and knock his towel-waving block off.  Either that, or to see a nice Sizzle vs. Snoop Dizzle sparring match.


3 Responses to “Can We Please Stop Fawning Over Snoop Dogg?”

  1. Audio Conference | Can We Please Stop Fawning Over Snoop Dogg? | Conference calling Says:

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  2. Christmas Ape Says:

    Actually Snoop pretends to like just about every team in the league. He was all aboard the Titans’ bandwagon last year.

  3. Matt Says:

    I always thought Snoop was a USC fan, every USC game I have even seen on TV Snoop is usually standing on the sidelines. Besides isn’t he best friends with Lendale White. I really don’t care about who Snoop roots for Doggystyle is one of my favorite rap albums. Also I noticed Snoop is wearing the jersey of the newest Wide Receiver on the Mean Machine. Ape back me up on this didn’t Cheddar Bob Burress wear number 80 on the Steelers.

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