Sizzle is Awesome

Via Twitter:  Terrell Suggs’ had a pretty sweet shirt on at Training Camp the other day.



16 Responses to “Sizzle is Awesome”

  1. Christmas Ape Says:

    Was waiting for you to glom onto this one.

    In your notorious post-Super Bowl post, didn’t you rend your garments about how Steelers fans were booing some video that showed a Ravens highlight during the Super Bowl pregame? You mentioned something about it being definitive proof of the Ravens being in the Steelers heads because of jealousy and fear and a long litany of other nonsense.

    But, yeah, shoe on the other foot, and now it’s awesome.

    That’s why you amuse me, Nest.

  2. goob Says:

    Ill make a deal with you ape. How about when the Ravens win the super bowl this season, ill get drunk, suck a homeless guys dick, hang out with a giant pecker and turn into a douche and shit talk my minimum wage job and then get fired. Ill speak for all of Baltimore and say “go fuck yourself asshole”

  3. Christmas Ape Says:

    But you’re already a douche and sucking homeless dude dick (sometimes for crack, sometimes for fun). Gotta offer more for a bet than that.

    And don’t get your bondage outfit in a twist. I’m just letting Nest know when he contradicts himself. He’s a big boy. He can handle some criticism.

  4. Nestminder Says:

    That’s some grade A hate, goob. Bravo.

    What amuses me, monkey boy, is when you put such a ridiculous amount of analysis and insight into a post about a god damn t-shirt. And when you spend your time “waiting for me” to do anything. Keep it up, champ.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Whatever Ape is a pussy….

  6. Christmas Ape Says:

    Aw, Nest, I don’t spend my time waiting for you to do shit. I leave that to your 13 Twitter followers. By “waiting” I don’t mean I actively sat there and waited, I mean I saw the shirt picture Friday, had a post on it before your “Baltimore’s Best” blog and knew at some point your whiny ass would weigh in about how great it is that your punkass linebacker spends his time fixating on hating the Steelers, the team that has swept the Ravens four times (BUT HEY, 2006 SEASON HOOOO) and is 2-0 vs. the Ravens in the playoffs. (But remember, Steelers fans are super jealous of Ravens fans because you guys got all the cool venereal diseases)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    For somebody who writes a for a humor site you are a humorless prick… Its just a team and a game. If anyone who said any thing about your precious fucking Steelers you just go off in a tangent. For somebody who roots for a tough guy team you do act like a pussy.

  8. Matt Says:

    Whatever… Its a cool t-shirt. (I want one). In other Ravens news I am happy Derrick Mason is back, and the team didn’t panic and traded for Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin. If they did they could have lose a great player like Ngata or draft picks for the next 3 years… Besides Brandon Marshall is a 8 game suspension just waiting to happen. I am kinda intrigued for the Al Saunders hiring just for the fact I have no idea what an Offensive Consultant is. Just as long as he leaves the 700 page tome at home. Speaking about 700 pages I cannot wait to read Simmons’ basketball book. Besides if you cut out the Karate Kid and Teen Wolf references I assume the book will be 40 pages. Also I have been hearing rumors about Vick being a member of the Steelers*.Maybe he can teach Big Ben how to properly use a rape stand.

    PS Oh shit I made a Steelers joke, I bet 50 dollars Ape comes in here calling me an “Internet Tough Guy” whatever the fuck that means, and act offended that I made a joke about the Steelers and mentions how I have an STD or sell crack because I root for the Ravens. (I accept Money Order, Visa and Pay Pal)

    *I don’t believe this rumor at all nor do I believe he will be a member of the Ravens. (Besides the Ravens have Troy Smith he is pretty much the same player) I don’t think he will be on an NFL team, I think he is heading to the UFL.

  9. Babelfish Says:

    “Christmas Ape” translates to “Humorless Prick” in over 40 languages worldwide.

  10. Realist Says:

    Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh my name is Christmas Ape and I have no life but my website so I yell at those who aren’t as obsessed as me. I have 45,820,048,584 twitter followers and .1 real friends. I don’t ever let that 10% of a friend bother me on the weekends so I can be the first to report a picture of a guy wearing a t-shirt.

    I’m so glad that I don’t have to go out and enjoy my life in anyway other than arguing with a monitor in my room.

    I can’t wait to write about my own insecurities and last 15 years of bachelorhood in my next sexbag.

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  12. Christmas Ape Says:

    You know how I know when I have Ravens fans beat?

    When they start calling me a bandwagon fan.
    When they start calling me a loser for commenting on a Ravens blog, when the writer of that same blog comments on the all ones I write for.
    When you start speculating on my social life.

    Because these things have nothing to do with football, because you have no response on that end. If you know about me and who I am, I’m doing my job right and getting attention. You mention my firing like it’s something I regret or I’m ashamed of. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

  13. Matt Says:

    You are on a Baltimore fan site you are a pretty Steelers fan…espically one who acts hypersenstive when anybody slightly bashes your team. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  14. Goob Says:

    what happened to the Ben Rapelisberger photo shoot pictures? I hear he was modeling some great new on field gear

  15. Steel Says:

    Super Bowl champs gear? He’ll be modeling a third ring for you in about 6 months…

  16. Squeal Says:

    Hey, “Buns of…” It was actually an orange jump suit.

    Que: “He’d fit in perfectly on the Ravens, HARF HARF!”

    Go. Away.

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