Regarding Steve McNair…

I’m guessing your Independence Day weekend was very similar to mine in more than one way, Nestgoers.

Like me, you probably watched Joey Chestnut defend his World Hot Dog Eating title against former Champ Kobayashi, and a host of others.  Like me, it probably made you want a hot dog.  Or, like my girlfriend, perhaps it made you want to vomit a bit.

Like me, you probably had a bit too much to drink on one (or more) of the days this weekend.

And, like me, you were probably in the midst of enjoying the most American of traditions, the Fourth of July barbeque, when your celebration was interrupted by the shocking news of Steve McNair’s untimely death.

For me, it was in the form of a text message from WNST.  You may have heard the news the same way, or perhaps from a phone call or text from a friend that happened to be near a TV or radio.  However the news made its way to your ears, the result was probably universal – like me, you were more than a little shocked.

As the details from the incident continue to emerge, we will all form our own opinions of the circumstances surrounding Air McNair’s passing.  However, one thing I think we can all agree upon is this:  the ramifications of the sudden, unexpected death of any father, husband, and son go well beyond the realm of sports – and as such, are well beyond the scope of a silly little sports blog such as the Nest.

Suffice to say that we are grateful for all that Steve McNair brought to Baltimore by choosing to end his career in purple.  The best regular season in Ravens’ history, an offense that was once again finally exciting to watch, and two merciless beatdowns of the Squealers.  For that and more Steve, we thank you.  The same goes for your charity work in the community, most recently exemplified by your refusal to bend to the protests of Titans fans who were upset you would hold a pro-Ravens rally in their town.  You did it, in your own words, for the kids.

That’s about all that we feel is appropriate for us to comment on – Steve McNair’s play on the field, and his associated efforts to give back.

Fifteen months ago, we posted an article on this site called LAS – Life After Steve.  Those words now have a much more profound impact than we ever intended them to, for his fans yes, but more importantly for his friends and family.  Our sincere condolences go out to them.


7 Responses to “Regarding Steve McNair…”

  1. goob Says:

    I’m sick of people talking about how he cheated on his wife. So what, he died and didn’t deserve it. If you feel better by calling him Steve “affAIR” McNair go right ahead, ill let you use my nickname. Bottom line is that some 20 year old “terrorist” killed Steve and everyone should feel for his family.

    do you think Derrick Mason has a crazy pro bowl season because he’ll be playing his ass off for Steve? Should he drop the Michael Jackson touchdown dance because its too soon? Ill give him a Billy Mays “thumbs up” if he keeps on using it

  2. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    “Terrorist?” Maybe psychopath, but not terrorist. I hope you are using the term “terrorist” in conjunction with that of a murderer and not because the woman you speak of was of Iranian descent. Just wanted to set the record straight as I don’t think NestMinder would condone profiling of any kind.

    On another note, I too send my sympathies and condolences to the McNair family.

  3. Realist Says:

    Goob you’re out of control. I really hope you were wasted when you typed that comment, you sound like a Jesus Freak standing in the middle of a college campus yelling about Armageddon.

  4. Justin Brindger Says:

  5. ur mom Says:


  6. Goob Says:

    I totally meant killing a NFL icon was an act of terrorism. She was on a warpath and had a mission. I wouldn’t ever use “racial profiling” at all. For those whom know me, they know I’m not that kind of person (Especially Nest Minder).

    You aren’t the only unbiased guy in this room, I must say that it might have came off that way.

    Can’t a guy get a little emotional about 20 year old “crazy bitches” killing people.

    A note to all us men out there, keep your thing in your pants and boning multiple chicks might not be the best idea if you would like to have a heart beat the next day

  7. Dee-Mase Says:

    Well said, Goob!!

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