NestMinder Leaves Town: All Hell Breaks Loose

With NestMinder on the road in Texas this week, the O’s and Red Sox split a couple of crazy crazy games.  

Coming into Tuesday Night’s game, the O’s were 0-5 vs. Boston.  

Down 10-1 half way through the game, the rains started to fall.  After a short break and some time to regroup the Orioles come up in the 7th and pound out 5 runs to make it a 10-6 game.  After the Red Sox fail to answer in the top of the 8th, the O’s come right back pounding the Sawx bullpen, including Jonathan Papelbon, for another 5 runs to take an 11-10 lead and in comes George Sherrill for his 17th save of the year and next thing you know the Orioles have their biggest come from behind victory in team history.

Turn the clock ahead 16 hours. It’s now Wednesday, and the Orioles are rolling on Mr. Mo Mentum.  Hits a plenty and about to capture their first series win over Boston this year, in came Jim Johnson in the 9th with a 5-1 lead.  After a quick 2-run HR by Kevin Youkilis, Johnson exited and George Sherrill came in.  Sherrill, pitching on 16 hours rest, entered the game 17 for 20 in save opportunities.  With no one on base, Sherrill quickly retired Bay and Ortiz on strikeouts, but then the soon to be established, “only crazy things happen when the Nestminder is out of town” curse came into play.

Just to bring you up to date on O’s games that have taken place while NestMinder has been out of town…  The O’s get first win after trailing going into the 9th inning, NestMinder in Alabama.  The O’s 2nd win trailing going into the 9th, NestMinder in Philadelphia (at the game, but still out of town).  The O’s biggest comeback in team history, while NestMinder is in Texas, and now… up 5-1 in the 9th inning… the O’s about to surrender a lead of their own.

Sherrill gives up a hit to Julio Lugo and then walks the next two batters for Rocco Baldelli who hits a 2 run single to tie the game.  Just like that, Sherrill is now 17 for 21 on save attempts.  The Red Sox took the game in the 11th on a Julio Lugo single and the O’s lost yet another series to the Sawx… at least the games were entertaining.  

For all of those rooting for NestMinder to stay out of town…  I vote no, I couldn’t handle that much excitement on a daily basis.  Come back NestMinder we need more boring 3-1 games.


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