Suggs: "Close to Signing" Long Term

T-Sizzle spoke to the Ravens’ Official website late last week, and had some encouraging words for us purple-clad minions hoping to see him get locked up to a long-term deal.

According to Suggs, “I feel like we’re getting close.  Negotiations are going on with the Ravens.  Fans can be optimistic that I’ll be [at training camp]…There are some minor things we’re working out.” (


This is good news.  Although some Ravens fans you talk to will bellyache about this for whatever reason (the team is wasting too much money on defense, now they don’t have money for any big-name WRs), the fact is that Terrell Suggs is GOOD.  REALLY good. While his sack numbers have never again reached the levels they did in his rookie campaign of 2003 (12.0), Sizzle has become one of the most well-rounded LBs in football.  That year, Suggs had 12 sacks, but only 19 total tackles; so basically, he was going to tackle the QB or nobody at all.  Last year, he put up 53 solo tackles (most for his career), and scored TWICE on interception returns.

Suggs is only 26, and has shown remarkable durability over his first 6 seasons, having not missed a single game to date.

The money the Ravens throw at him will be ridiculous, that much is certain.  But it is money well-spent.  Much better spent than on signing, for instance, a Brandon Marshall or an Anquan Boldin to long-term deals. 

Here at the Nest, we are firm believers that football games are, as they have always been, won in the trenches.   Which is exactly why we applauded the drafting of OT Michael Oher.  It’s why we can get behind backing the Brinks truck up to T-Sizzle 100%.  And, it’s why, with free agency is also looming for another key piece of the Ravens’ defense, DT Haloti Ngata, we look forward to the day when Ozzie & Co. throw bags of money at him as well.


One Response to “Suggs: "Close to Signing" Long Term”

  1. urmom Says:

    I hope we give him enough money to buy enough white zin to last him a lifetime!

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