Matt Wieters to Debut on Friday

I was just watching the MASN broadcast of O’s-Jays, and Andy MacPhail was in the booth with Buck Martinez and Gary Thorne in the bottom of the 2nd inning.  As Nolan Reimold grounded into a fielder’s choice, MacPhail made the announcement that O’s fans have been waiting for all Spring.

This friday, at OPACY, against the Detroit Tigers, will be the major league debut of one Matt Wieters.

Get’cha tickets now, O’s fans.

And get’cha popcorn ready.


6 Responses to “Matt Wieters to Debut on Friday”

  1. Sooze Says:


  2. molly Says:


  3. Matt Wieters: We Can’t Wait | MLB USA Says:

    […] | [B-More Birds Nest] | […]

  4. Mark M. Says:

    About time! Can’t wait for the pitching…Did anyone notice that Daniel Cabrera wore out his welcome with the Nats already? That’s the kind of action we need to take more often with players that don’t meet expectations (Eaton). Now let’s give Wigginton his walking papers (he can’t walk on the field, maybe he can walk to the parking lot and head on down the road).

  5. urmom Says:

    How bout dem O’s?

  6. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Let’s Go Weiters!

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