Ravens Sign Kelley Washington

The Ravens bolstered their WR corps this week, signing former Cincinnati Bengal Kelley Washington, and showing by doing so that maybe, just mayyyyyyyybe, Ozzie & Co. don’t have quite as much faith in Demetrius Williams and Marcus Smith as they’d have us believe.

Washington, 29, spent the last 2 seasons in New England, after spending 03-06 as a Bungle.  He had only 1 catch for 3 yards during his time as a Patriot.  Kind of surprising considering the rate that NE was racking up passing yards in 2007 (his ONE catch was in 08), but, to be fair, the Patriots have a bevy of “decent” wide receivers.

At 6’3″ and 215 lb, Washington could be the “size” receiver the Ravens have been lacking, although there are going to be some other big WRs in camp this summer (Ernie Wheelright – 6’5″, 220, Marcus Maxwell – 6’3″, 210, Edward Williams – 6’4″, 215).

Washington’s most productive season was in 2004, when he caught 31 passes for 378 yards and 3 TDs.  He has caught only 20 passes in the 4 seasons since.  However, he must have shown something to impress the Ravens’ coaches, having beaten out Jerry Porter and Tab Perry in the mini-camp.

If you want to get excited for Kelley Washington, Ravens fans, just check out this video – not so much for the score as for what comes next (props to Glenn at WNST for the heads-up).


2 Responses to “Ravens Sign Kelley Washington”

  1. Realist Says:

    W-O-W. WoW.

  2. Louise Says:

    check out others videos here:

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