Well, is it 2010 yet?

Since, by the Orioles’ own admission, that’s the next time they have any plans to even try to be competitive, we might as well start the countdown now.

Especially since they are now, in early May, showing the kind of gusto that they usually reserve until late August or September, having lost 14 of their past 17 games after a 6-2 start.  Their 9-16 record ties them with Cleveland for the 2nd worst in the majors, and they are already 8 games out of 1st place and 6 out of the wild card.  Eight games out after playing 15% of the season.  By our calculations, that puts our O’s on pace to finish about 53 games out, and with a glorious 106 losses.


After being the first team in MLB to allow 100 runs this season, the O’s continue to lead the pack in that dubious category – 161 (6.44 per game) and counting.  The minus-34 run differential is also setting the gold turd standard.

Are there some bright spots?  Sure there are.  The top 3 hitters in the O’s lineup are tearing it up once again, but you just have to feel sorry for them at this point, as their efforts are for naught night after night.

Some stats for the top 1/3 of the O’s batting order (AL ranks in parenthesis)

Brian Roberts

.308 (25), 32 H (12), 19 R (15), 8 2B (9)

Adam Jones

.355 (11), 33 H (9), 28 R (1), 8 2B (9), 19 RBI (13), .419 OBP (12),  .624 SLG (10)

Nick Markakis

.358 (9),  34 H (7), 27 R (2), 9 2B (6), 24 RBI (4), .447 OBP (5), .547 SLG (21)

The top 3 hitters are accounting for nearly 60% of the runs scored, which is at the same time impressive and pathetic.  After those 3 (and to a lesser extent, Aubrey Huff), the crap show really begins.

If I happen to flip the game on, and Roberts, Jones, or Markakis are hitting, I am glued to the TV.  Gregg Zaun (.129), Felix Pie (.167), or Cesar Izturis (.237)?  Yeah, not quite “must see TV.”

All this, and the dog days of summer are still months off.

Again we ask, is it 2010 yet?

Or, better yet, when does training camp start?


10 Responses to “This is BirdLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLand”

  1. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    The birds the word.

  2. lee Says:

    I want to vomit.

  3. goob Says:

    Just watch, good ol peter is going to trade b rob, packman, and nick to some team for “players of the future”. Even though we just have them new contracts they are gonna be gone. St this rate the future is my unborn great grandkids and they are gonna hear the same shit. Time for ah early free the birds rally

  4. goob Says:

    I’m not an idiot, so many type-o’s because of this damn auto spell check on the BlackBerry

  5. NestMinder Says:

    Haha, the O’s should join forces with the Nationals and change their name to “the Type-O’s.” (You saw that right?)

    Maybe they could field 1 respectable team.

  6. Bob Says:

    yea and they were going to trade B Rob last year even up for Pie 2010 my ass bring the kids up now if you want to call a 26 year old a kid

  7. Matt Says:

    Don’t worry Matt Wieters is coming… hell for the hype I hear about him I am expecting him to cure Swine Flu and fix the economy.

  8. NestMinder Says:

    Yeah, as my man Glenn at WNST says, calling Weiters up will generate some excitement…for about a day.

    To borrow a popular phrase from last year, its just more lipstick on the same pig.

  9. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Zahn throws out 20% of the runners stealing…20%?! who cares if he’s Rick Dempsey’s nephew, get him outta there!!!

  10. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    In other news, Ravens sign former 2007 2nd round draft pick QB John Beck. GO BYU!!

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