We Can't BOO Now? F-OFF, National Media!

After Orioles fans gave Mark Teixiera a very loud, very sustained, and very DESERVING welcome home the other day, it apparently caused many of the national media types to get their panties in a bunch.

“Classless,” “mean-spirited,” “uninformed,” “drunk idiots,” and the like are words being used to describe O’s fans by people such as Colin Cowherd, Peter Gammons, Jon Heyman, and Ken Rosenthal.

Mike Greenberg even chided Orioles fans for “hurting Tex’s feelings.”

Give me a break.

Nobody threw anything at Teixeira, right?  Such as, oh, I dunno, batteries, a la Yankee Stadium bleachers?  Or even like baseballs and beer cups, as was done by Toronto fans?

What kind of reaction is Teixeira going to receive when the Yankees go play in Boston?  On top of the usual disdain that the Fenway faithful have for all Yankees, Tex can probably expect even worse, seeing as how he chose the Yanks over the Sawx this offseason.

Where will the outrage be then?

Nowhere to be found, I’m sure, as Gammons et al.  will just go on and on about the “great rivalry” between the two clubs, and tell us for the bazillionth time how “passionate” the two fan bases are.

The collective hard-on that these ESPN/SI types have for Boston-New York blinds them to any possibility that other fan bases even exist, and “HOW DARE THEY BOO THE YANKEES?”

It was great to see Orioles fans coming together in a common cause, in a way so many have not for the past decade-plus.  If it takes villainizing Mark Teixeira to accomplish that, then so be it.  No talking head Yankee-lovers are going to make us feel bad about it, right?


8 Responses to “We Can't BOO Now? F-OFF, National Media!”

  1. Realist Says:

    WAHHHHHHHHHH I make $20 Million Dollars a year and dicked over every other team in the running to play for the Yankees the most hated team in baseball, WAHHHHHHHHH!!!

  2. math_geek Says:

    I wish I could find the bit about “hurting Tex’s feelings” that’s hilarious. I haven’t seen any N-Media types say anything that really pissed me off. The only article you linked to was saying “the Orioles were never in the running” but “Orioles fans didn’t understand that.” That’s probably true. I still don’t understand that. We made him an offer and he had absolutely no interest, despite going on and on about how the Orioles were his favorite team growing up, except now it was the Yankees, although it could have been the Expos if circumstances were different.

    It’s legitimately impossible to understand someone who is lying half the time his lips are moving. Boo him till he croaks.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    The “hurting Tex’s feelings” thing was said on the Mike and Mike show. Not sure if they put up audio of the entire shows.

    Also, most of what I got was 2nd hand from either commenters on Roch’s blog at MASN.com or what I heard callers talking about on The Fan yesterday afternoon with Scott and awful Anita.

    But hey, I’m not gonna let something like not hearing it myself get in the way of a little rant!

  4. goob Says:

    Teixeira Tiesucks

  5. goob Says:

    First Mike Florio and now Colin Cowherd???? Nestminder is bashing all my favorites.. whats next? My all time favorite Steve Czaban ( i know he bashes the Ravens but he is damn funny)

  6. Matt Says:

    Well I booed Tex on Monday and I’ll boo him again. You don’t think the Bleacher Creatures (if they haven’t been priced out at the new stadium) or the Fenway Faithful will show him the same amount of “love”. I will boo when that 2nd rate Bill Simmons wannabe from KSK comes back. But I think he doesn’t care about baseball, he is too busy with his Hines Ward blow-up doll.

  7. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Cow-turd is a joke. He knows a lot about football, but when it comes to baseball, he thinks stealing second base is what he did during the junior high sock hop with his date. He is just trying to stur something up to get ratings cause no one wants to listen to his mindless ramblings about nothing. The best thing radio shows and bloggers can do is just ignore it, that will hurt him.

  8. NestMinder Says:

    Matt, Ape is too busy masturbating over the James Harrison signing and looking up videos of disgusting fetishes (no, really…did you go to KSK last month?)

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