The O's – the Butt of Yet Another Joke

As I’m sure many of you have heard, the play-by-play and color commentary team of the Orioles, flagship station 105.7 “The Fan’s” Joe Angel and Fred Manfra made some headlines in an interesting way over the weekend.  Apparently Sunday’s scheduled spring training game between the O’s and Mets was delayed for 90 minutes by rain.

Hey, it’s Florida.  These things happen.  No big deal.

Manfra and Angel though, seemed to have thought they heard differently – that the game had been “cancelled” and not just merely “delayed.”   So when the game resumed, 105.7 was unable to continue their broadcast – as Manfra and Angel had made like a couple trees and leaf-ed.

Angel wrote an email to Ray Frager’s Baltimore Sun media blog, explaining that the whole thing was management’s fault, as they were the ones that told the duo to go home, and that he and Manfra should not be blamed.

The story made it to Deadspin, of all places, so rest assured that just about everybody has heard about by this point.

Now, I don’t really see the whole thing as a very big deal – it was a spring training game, for one.  It seems pretty doubtful that many people in Baltimore were searching frantically for their O’s exhibition broadcast, on a warm, sunny, Sunday afternoon.  Not to mention that some fairly important college basketball games were going on.  It was a curious decision, stopping the broadcast, by whomever actually made it – but no harm was done.

Let’s judge “The Fan” on the 162 “real” games they broadcast this season.

What gets under my skin much further than the fact that Joe and Fred wanted to get to their day of rest mojitos a bit early, is that once again, the O’s were in the news for all the wrong reasons.  A sampling of the Deadspin comments pretty much reaffirms that yes, the O’s are the laughingstock we all fear they are…

(passeges in quotes are commenters quoting Angel’s letter)

I expect Andy Mcphail to follow suit somewhere around Mid May. 

“There’s a lot to look forward to with Orioles baseball.”  See, I took the note seriously, he had me, up until that. Now I don’t believe a word he said anymore.

I’m sure people in Baltimore were happier this way

“There’s a lot to look forward to with Orioles baseball.”  Don’t disparage our intelligence…

If you had to choose between covering a rain delayed Orioles spring training game, and judging the wet t-shirt contest next door, what would you decide?

“There’s a lot to look forward to with Orioles baseball.”  He also continued on to say that he wouldn’t finish in your mouth, and that the check is also in the mail.

All six people listening simply changed stations. No letters or phone calls were received.  Problem solved.

Who would want to listen to the Orioles spring games in the first place. Then who the hell wants to listen to them play the Mets. I would have left too.

And lastly, my favorite:

Baltimore’s worried about the t.v. announcers taking off? The Orioles haven’t shown up for work in over 10 years.

If anybody needs me, I’ll be the one sitting in the corner, holding my knees, rocking slowly, repeating “In MacPhail we trust, in MacPhail we trust…”


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