Ray Gon' Retire a Raven

In addition to the Matt Birk signing last night, the Ravens also agreed to terms with free agent Ray Lewis.  I say “in addition,” because as of yesterday afternoon, I was honestly more interested in what Birk was going to do with the Ravens’ offer than with what Ray-Ray was thinking.

Ray will retire a Raven now, having agreed (in principle) to a 3 year deal worth $22.5 million.  This would appear, on the surface, to be lower than the original 3 year/$24 million offer that the Ravens reportedly had on the table a few weeks ago.  Ray’s agent, David Dunn, though, is denying that such an offer ever existed.  So either he was lying last week in trying to up the ante on Ray, or he is lying now.  No matter.  The only thing he should be having a chance to lie on any time soon is his resume, as Ray should waste no time in kicking him to the curb.

Presumably, it was Dunn who was giving Ray advice lately, having him talk up every team in the NFL EXCEPT the Ravens, and never once say that he actually wanted to come back to B’More.  All that advice managed to do was embarrass Ray when he couldn’t get even a sniff from the other 31 teams in the league, alienate many of his fans in the one city that could ever truly love him, and land him right back in Baltimore with his tail between his legs.

“The bottom line” (tip ‘o the cap to #52):

  • Ray Lewis is going to finish his career in Baltimore, which is exactly the way things should be
  • Once Ray shimmies out of that tunnel next season and makes a few tackles, all will be forgiven by his fans
  • Lewis proved, once again, that the only thing he is really any good at is playing football.  Not business and certainly not public relations.  (Surely Ape will be happy to remind us of something else Ray is “supposedly” good at)

Welcome back, Ray.


13 Responses to “Ray Gon' Retire a Raven”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    So that comes out to $7.5M/yr which is quite enough for Baltimore to afford and be under the cap given all the releases they made with Scott, McAlister, Leonhard, and Brown.

  2. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Also, Boller and Stover were released no doubt to accomodate the recent signings.

  3. Matt Says:

    Don’t worry about Ape, he probably not paying attention because he is white trash

  4. Joe Says:

    No, both Boller and Stover were UFAs beforehand.

  5. FootballFan Says:

    Good to have Ray back, it would be odd seeing him in any other uniform. He absolutely should drop the agent…what a mess. Matt, check the grammar before calling people white trash lol

  6. Juice Says:

    i am probably the happiest person alive hearing the release of boller and stover. ive wanted to club boller over the knees ever since he started playing with us and i hold a personal grudge against stover ever since he missed that easy fg in miami in 07 cost us the game and never ending embarrasment. i was at that game.

  7. goob Says:

    Matt missing that field goal was the best thing ever for us. I took off my jersey beforehand and rooted for him to miss. Losing to the fins would most def get Billick fired and it did. Don’t hate on Stover, he did us a favor.

  8. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Yes we sign ray shows how much u know unbiasedguy.

  9. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I really should stop posting on this page drunk

  10. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Thomas, I said that Ray would not be signed GIVEN their financial situation at the time. Now, that they got rid of Boller, Stover, etc, they were able to free up some money to deal with Ray.

  11. NestMinder Says:

    Stover and Boller were already UFA’s though, UBG. Ozzie is definitely doing some shred cap-wizardry though, no doubt about that. Especially considering he is promising us that “hes not done.”

  12. FootballFan Says:

    Shall we start the Holt/Harrison rumors here?

  13. urmom Says:

    7 years?

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