We're Gonna Boo Teixiera

Stumbled upon this video today whilst scanning the interweb.  Three guys that call themselves “The Boooooog Pows” have put together a little diddy to pay homage to that backstabbing, money-grubbing, insult to Maryland, Mark Teixiera.

B’More Birds’ Nest fully supports this video and the message it conveys.



10 Responses to “We're Gonna Boo Teixiera”

  1. Molly Says:

    I am in love with these boys!

  2. goob Says:

    Is that Rex Ryan on guitar?

  3. goob Says:

    Teixiera Teisucks

  4. molly Says:

    Nice one goob. True that.

  5. Jared Ablon Says:

    B-More Birds’ Nest,
    We run a monthly club called the “Fan of the Month club” (MonthlyFanGear.com). We offer sports merchandise to fans every month including Orioles Merchandise. The member picks the team and get merchandise $50+/mo merchandise from that team for as little as $29.99/mo. We saw your site and thought that it would be perfect if you would be interested in some type of partnership. If you could put a link on your site, write about our service, or help us sell we could give you a commission or work out some other arrangement. We are open to suggestions and interested in help.
    Thank you,
    Jared Ablon

  6. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    he went to Mt. St. Blow so he sucks regardless of who he signed with, they take turns wearing the dresses at prom

  7. NestMinder Says:

    do they even call it prom? I thought they were “mixers?”

  8. ravens in SB XLIV Says:

    I posted this on my blog and they loved it!

  9. O’s Pitchers Taking Lumps as Spring Training Winds Down « Bohs in the Bleachers Says:

    […] But hey, at least he beaned Mark Teixeira. I can get behind that sort of thing. […]

  10. O’s Pitchers as Tired Internet Memes : Baltimore's Best Ravens and Orioles Blog Says:

    […] But hey, at least he beaned Mark Teixeira. I can get behind that sort of thing. […]

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