Man, I’m just tryin to eat some dinner here, but the contract news just keeps rollin’ in.

We just told you about B-Rob, and now is reporting that the Ravens have indeed placed the franchise tag on T-Sizzle for the 2nd consecutive season.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but I guess the two sides just couldn’t get close on a long-term extension.  The bad news is that this pretty much assures that Suggs will be absent from all off-season workouts and from training camp.

The good news is that the Ravens get to hang on to him for another season, and that they can now turn their attention to the other crucial free agents; namely, Ray Lewis and Jason Brown.

Brown SHOULD be priorty number 1.  I’d bet money though, that of the two, we hear about Lewis signing first.

Now, I could have sworn that last year when Suggs was franchised, we heard something about there being a stipulation in place that he did not have to accept the tag again.  Maybe it was in place, but he just decided he *wanted* to accept the tag?

More details to come.


9 Responses to “Suggs-Chised”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Franchise tag makes for an unhappy Suggs. He may play next season, but the following one he will be gone.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    Maybe, maybe not. The 2nd time McAlister got tagged, he was none too happy about it. A few months later though, he signed the long term deal. In OZ we trust…

  3. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Well, here’s an interesting subject that I am asking Nestminder and crew to look into, which would be highly educational. If you could make a post on what the Ravens 2009 payroll is including a breakdown of players’ salaries if possible so the public at large can see how much space the Ravens are truly working with in terms of signing up Lewis and Co, that would be great!

  4. NestMinder Says:

    haha, that’s a heck of an assignment there, professor UBG.

    I’ll point you here, for starters:

    I like how 3 of the top 5 aren’t Ravens anymore, and the other 2 could be gone in weeks.

    Also, Suggs isn’t listed – maybe because he was franchised?

  5. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Thanks for the link. Since we know that the 2009 cap is $123 million:

    The link (

    we can do the math and take the final total from the site you gave me: $103,152,065.

    Subtract the two: $19,847,935 left

    McAlister left so lets add his total into that $19M to get—Media reports indicate he was due to make $8 million this year so add to that to get $27,847,935

    Suggs Franchise tag = $10.2 Million

    Subtract Suggs tag from total: $17,647,935

    The list of guys left to sign up (

    Lewis, Ray LB 12 $9,429,000 RED
    Scott, Bart LB 6 $5,569,500 GREEN
    Boller, Kyle QB 5 $3,255,000 ORANGE
    Stover, Matt KS 18 $1,482,500 ORANGE
    Brown, Jason OC 3 $1,422,000 GREEN
    Wilcox, Daniel TE 5 $1,098,000 ORANGE
    Ivy, Corey DB 6 $818,000 ORANGE
    Leonhard, Jim DB 3 $523,000 BLACK
    Bouman, Todd QB 9 $445,000 ORANGE
    Neal, Lorenzo RB 15 $445,000 ORANGE
    Copper, Terrance WR 4 $235,500 ORANGE
    Slaughter, Chad OT 6 $157,000 ORANGE

    If you add those numbers from the list of players left, you get: $24,879,500

    So, we are nearly $7.2 Million short. Since I think Boller will leave, that will free up another $3 Million. But still only $4 Million short.

    Bottom Line: $4-7 Million short of signing players to long-term deals.

  6. NestMinder Says:

    I was surprised to see Ogden and McNair listed.

    I don’t know the answer to this, but there’s no way retired players continue to collect salary/count against the cap, is there?

    That would be pretty ridiculous.

  7. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Ogden and McNair still collected paychecks in 2008 even though they officially retired in that year as well because they were under contract. Just because you retire does not mean your contract is automatically expired. Usually, there are clauses in there that state “on the event of retirement, blah blah blah.” Having said that, that list you gave me both show they were making $6.5M so if we add it and get $13M and put that towards the bottom line I quoted, that still only puts you $6-9 Million in the GREEN. Still, not enough to make long term deals considering Ray makes $9 Million alone in 1 year.

  8. NestMinder Says:

    In addition to Boller, of the guys above, I think that Wilcox, Ivy, Copper, and Slaughter will also be let go. Which only frees up about another 2.3 million.

    They could also restructure some contracts.

    And, we have to remember that any particular guy’s cap # in ’08 probably won’t be exactly the same in ’09 – could be higher or lower.

    I can’t imagine they are in TOO dire of straits, considering they aren’t even in the top 15 in payroll in the league, according to this:

    Interesting to note that 4 of those teams are over the $123 mil. cap.

  9. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    yeah, my numbers aren’t accurate—just a projection given all the sources we are working with. No one knows the pocket book of the Ravens better than their accountants and Bischotti. All I’m saying is Ray and Bart take HUGE HITS to the cap especially if you are trying to sign the younger players.

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