Mike Florio = Moron

For the most part, I’ve been a fan of ProFootballTalk.com.  Admittedly, I check it at least a couple times a week during the season.  However, with this latest batch of nonsense that site guru Mike Florio has posted, I may have logged on for the final time.

Here, Florio hands out the “Pat Tillman” award.  He never really gives a full description of exactly what the award is supposed to honor – I’d expect an award named after Tillman to reward things such as bravery, off-field service, etc.  My gut reaction is to say that, until another overpaid, prima donna football player quits the NFL in lieu of serving his country in combat duty, that there shouldn’t be a single “Pat Tillman Award” ever handed out.

In any case, Florio apparently has just decided to honor Tillman by naming his “best safety” award after him.  Fair enough.  But giving the award to Troy Polamalu over Ed Reed is unforgivable.  From the article:

Polamalu is a guy who has as much of an impact on an opposing offense as a field-stretching receiver has on a defense.  The quarterback must always know where Polamalu is — before the snap, at the snap, and during the play.

He always seems to be in the right place at the right time.  He contorts his body to get to the quarterback or to scoop the ball before hits the grass.  He moves with reckless abandon.  He generates the most excitement after making an interception or recovering a fumble, moving frenetically through the broken field and, more often than not, finding a way through the maze.

Though Reed is close behind, Polamalu is the best safety in the game.  Together, they are two of the best ever, and hopefully they will be spots in Canton for both of them.

Reading this really makes me think that PFT got hacked and some Stiller homer replaced “Reed” with “Polamalu” and vice versa.

Seriously, Mike, you just described Ed Reed.

Troy “generates the most excitement after making an interception or recovering a fumble,” and “more often than not, find[s] a way through the maze?”  Really?  Is that evidenced by his TWO career touchdowns?

Also, the award was given based on fan voting.  Since Steeler fans outnumber Ravens fans by probably about 10-to-1, this is no surprise.  However, Florio also adds this bit of dumbshittery to the mix:

Polamalu edged out Baltimore’s Ed Reed in PFT Planet Polling, and we’re glad that Polamalu prevailed, because we likely would have overruled the will of the many on this one.

For some more evidence of the genius that is Florio, I’ll point out some of his on-the-mark 2008 season predictions, as compiled by Nest favorite TMQ.

Mike Florio predicted in The Sporting News that the Steelers would not make the playoffs and the Titans would finish last in their division (they won the AFC’s top seed). The Giants, he predicted, also would miss the postseason; they won the NFC’s first seed. On his Web site Pro Football Talk, Florio added that Atlanta made “a major mistake” by drafting Matt Ryan; Ryan was Offensive Rookie of the Year.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and The Sporting News. In early October he wrote, “It’s not too early to say that it’s over for the Ravens.” The Ravens made the AFC Championship Game. In July, Florio predicted the AFC North would have no team above .500; both AFC title-game entrants came from the AFC North. The Steelers “haven’t done much in the offseason to improve,” he foresaw.

It seems that it’s nothing new for a stew of stupidity to fly from Florio’s furious fingertips.

At least the PFT commenters have it right.  Of the 28 posted at the time of this writing, the arguments for Reed are winning about 2-to-1.  And of course, the pro-Reed comments are citing stats, while jungle man’s supporters wail about his “intangibles.”  My favorite so far is from Nick Blevins, who breaks down both of their career stats averaged over a 16 game season:

Tackles: Troy 59 – Ed 51 – Troy
Sacks: Troy 1.27 – Ed .75 – Troy by a lot
Safety: Troy 0 – Ed .15 – Ed
Pdef: Troy 9.64 – Ed 9.87 – Ed
Int: Troy 3.09 – Ed 6.49 – Ed by a lot
TD: Troy .18 – Ed 1.06 – Ed by a lot
Yards: Troy 38 – Ed 173 – Ed by a lot
FF: Troy 1.09 – Ed .91 – Troy

I really expect it to come out that the PFT article was compromised by some tech-savvy towel waver.  Even a guy that says it would be a mistake to draft Matt Ryan can’t be THIS stupid, can he?


14 Responses to “Mike Florio = Moron”

  1. FootballFan Says:

    This topic definitely makes for a good debate. Its a tough one to analyze without some sort of bias. Reed clearly gets the nod when it comes to “big plays” and what he does once he gets the ball is unmatched by any defensive player in history. Florio sounds like some knucklehead who just watched the AFC championship and saw Polamalu’s big play but failed to watch any other AFC North games all year. Both safeties force the opposing team to alter their offensive game plans. The argument for Polamalu comes from his presence in the run game. He’ll come out of nowhere to hit people whereas Reed comes out of nowhere to make a play more often in the passing game. Both are Hall worthy. The next few years will determine who goes down as the better safety. Super bowl rings play a huge part of legacy in the NFL.

  2. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Wow whatn a dumbass he should be fired and not allowe dto blog about the nfl. Because he cleary doesn’t what he is talking about. There both great safteys bud reed is better he’s mor eof a gamebreaker then troy is. And reed had 8 picks this year on 1 healthy arm reed is the best n saftey in the nfl.

  3. JUICE tm Says:

    well his reasoning for picking tp for the award was kind of dumb. he named 2 plays that he made this season. the one where he crowd surfed our o-line to get to flacco and then that int that he sucked right off the ground. so that makes him the best safety in the league??? 2/3 of the planet is covered by ed reed, the other 1/3 is covered by troy polamalau. reed is far superior to tp and everyone knows it. dont look too far into this guys meaningless award. we’re just victims of another raven hatin, shittsburgh stooler fan again. they just stole the super bowl so everyones riding their jock straps.

  4. realist Says:

    I’m glad to see writers taking a solid stance at least. It’s so PC anymore to not “favor” one player or one team over another, because you just never know. I should mention of course that I COMPLETELY disagree with Florio, but not because of his pick, its because of his lame arguments. Not defining an award that is given and then saying that Troy wins hands down, psh. What a doucher. Glad this guy could pop his head out of those abandon coal mines long enough to piss off sports nation America with his ever-flowing bs.

  5. Matt Says:

    Insert typical Steeler fan bullshit Go Steelers* Reed isn’t as good as Polamalu. Yinz wish you had him. I love Pittsburgh eventhough I never been there or can find it on a map. We has six Lombardis which is just as many teeth as I have. And my double wide finally has an internet connection.

    *Unless last year where I rooted for the Giants and the year before I rooted for the Colts

  6. Football » Blog Archive » B-More Birds’ Nest: Baltimore’S Best Ravens and Orioles Blog … Says:

    […] Mike Florio predicted in The Sporting News that the Steelers would not make the playoffs and the Titans would finish last in their division (they won the AFC ’s top seed). The Giants, he predicted, also would miss the …Continue […]

  7. Christmas Ape Says:

    Reed’s better after the interception, but he’s like Deion at safety. Can’t tackle. Fears contact. Runs away from ballcarriers in the open field. And how many times has he lateraled the ball away on an interception return because he’s scared of getting hit? Too many to count.

    And here’s the only stat I care about:

    Super Bowl rings: Troy 2 – Ed 0 – Troy by a lot

  8. NestMinder Says:

    No, dumb-dumb. He does not “fear contact.” This year (and ONLY this year), because the wrong hit could end his career due to his nerve impingement, he was less eager to hit than he was earlier in his career. Deion was a pussy from the day he came into the league.

    Ed Reed has blown some fools up in the past. This year was different, but to say that he fears contact is incredibly misinformed, and proves that you must really only watch Steelers games.

    If you’re writing a book about football, you should know these things.

    Also, he doesn’t lateral the ball away because he’s scared to get hit (wow that’s a dumb thing to say), but because he is trying to extend the play, getting the ball to someone else before he gets tackled and the play ends.

    It stems from playing on teams where the offense was so incompetent that the defense HAD to score points themselves.

    Are the laterals incredibly stupid? Yes, especially when the offense is halfway decent.

    But saying that he only does it because he is afraid to get hit? I fart in your general direction…

  9. NestMinder Says:

    Also, pointing to rings is the ultimate cop-out for non-QBs.

    Deion Branch has 2 Super Bowl rings. Does that make him better at playing the WR position than Terrell Owens or Cris Carter?

  10. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Christmas ape your a dumbass ed reed does tackle well he didn this year becaus eof his shoulder. Its not even close reed is better in coverage and better at picking the ball of then.

  11. Christmas Ape Says:

    I didn’t say rings proves Troy is better, just wanted to point out “jungle man” is two up on Backpeddlin’ Ed Reed. The fact that he’s a more rounded player proves he’s better.

    See, stats can be deceptive. Only two of Ed Reed’s picks this past year came in games the Ravens won by fewer than 10 points (the exception was the two against Dallas in a nine point win). I watch plenty of Ravens games (sorry, not watching every single one of them doesn’t invalidate my view) and Reed picks off a lot of desperation throws late in games. Which inflates his stats. He’s like the A-Rod of safeties, putting up numbers in non-clutch situations when the team is already well ahead. Meanwhile, fewer than half of Troy’s picks came with huge leads.

  12. NestMinder Says:

    Its an interesting point, but I think you’re confusing cause and effect.

    Reed doesn’t get picks because the Ravens are winning big, rather it is the other way around – the Ravens win big BECAUSE of Reed’s picks and associated big plays.

    His picks this year:

    1) @ Cle – Ravens were up 14-10 5 mins into the 3rd quarter, when Reed got the pick 6. They trailed 10-7 at halftime.
    2) vs. Phi – Ravens led 3-0 with 3 min left in the first half. The pick set them up at the Phi 6, and they went up 10-0 3 plays later.
    3) vs. Phi – Ravens led 22-7 with 7 to go in the 3rd quarter. The pick was in the end zone, with Phi just 1 yard away from closing the game to 1 score.
    4) vs. Was – First possession of the game (scoreless). The good field position led to a Ravens TD just 5 plays later.
    5) vs. Was – Ravens led 24-10 at the 2 minute warning, when Reed picked his 2nd of the game.
    6) @ Dal – First possession of the game, Cowboys had picked up a first down and were at midfield when Romo heaved up a floater.
    7) @ Dal – 43 seconds to go in the first half, Cowboys led 7-6. Reed returned the pick to midfield, and the Ravens were able to go 31 yards in 27 seconds; a FG put them up 9-7 at the half.
    8 ) vs. Jax – Ravens led 17-7 with 2:14 to go in the first half. The Jags were in the red zone when Reed made the pick at the 15. The Ravens marched down the field and scored a TD before the half, and the rout was on.
    9) vs. Jax – 2 mins to go and the Ravens were up 27-7.

    Post season:
    1p) @ Mia – The game was a 3-3 tie with 2:51 to go in the first half when Reed picked it off and ran it back 64 yards for the TD.
    2p) @ Mia – The Ravens led 20-3 with 2:04 to go in the 3rd, and the Dolphins had driven 10 plays to get to the BAL 15 when Reed read Chad like a book and pulled in the pass.

    So your argument that he only gets his picks in blowouts doesn’t stand up to closer analysis. Of the 11 listed above, 6 (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 1p) came with the game either tied or with the Ravens up by less than 1 score or trailing. Of the remaining 5, only 2 (5, 9) came during junk time with the outcome of the game already clearly decided.

    Reed scored touchdowns himself on 3 (1, 3, 1p) of the interceptions, and on 4 (2, 4, 7, 8 ) others, the Ravens offense scored on the ensuing possession. That’s SEVEN times that his interceptions had direct, measurable impacts on games, 5 (1, 2, 4, 7, 1p) of which came with the game clearly in the balance. And we’re only talking interceptions here – I could go on with forced fumbles/fumble recoveries.

    To sum up: Yes, the Ravens happened to win some games big when Reed came up with interceptions. But his interceptions directly led to those blowouts, and to say that “they would have won anyway without him even playing,” would be pure speculation at best, and downright silly at worst.

  13. Thomas Crowley Says:

    So the f what if jungle m,an ahs 2 mmore rings he was on better teams, it doesn’t mean hhe’s better then reed. Like nestminder said ed reed picks lead to blowouts. Quarterbacks fare more scared to throw the ball ed reeds way then they are troy.

  14. NestMinder Says:

    Goob, this is the post you were looking for to show those 2 misguided servicemen.

    And after reading it again, wow did I pwn Ape.

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