Ray Lewis: "I love Baltimore. But not for less money. Oh, and go Red Sox!"

Here is a video from the NFL Network in which Ray Lewis talks to Jamie Dukes about his future.  On the topic of a hometown discount, Ray said this (paraphrasing):

“I don’t play less.  So I don’t accept less.”

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s a Boston Red Sux hat he is wearing during the interview.

Damn it.



7 Responses to “Ray Lewis: "I love Baltimore. But not for less money. Oh, and go Red Sox!"”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    What did I say in my last post? Lewis is not looking for hometown discount. He wants his final multi-year contract locked up. LEWIS TO COWBOYS, SCOTT somewhere else; Suggs is left.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    I still think they can sign one and tag another. Assuming of course, they don’t end up having to use the tag on Jason Brown.

  3. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Didn’t Baltimore Colts hats have a giant B on them, I think I have picture of my father wearing one when he was auditioning for the lead vocals for Credence Clearwater Revival (yes my dad looked like John Fogerty back in the day), maybe I’m just deliousinal, anyway, thanks for that Ray, we all know who the new leader of the defense is: T-Sizzle. He showed great loyality and leadership stepping up saying he’d take a discount

  4. goob Says:

    I think the “B” on the hat stands for “brotha”. For some reason I only see people calling each other “brotha” when they are wearing them. I still have yet to see one come in the traditional way of wearing a hat. All that is available are these ones with flat bills on them and they only come sideways on their heads.

  5. Matt Says:

    Besides the more I think about it the more I rather see Ray leave. I love the man but I don’t want to see the Ravens mortgage the future for a 34 year old linebacker. Besides LT (the real one) retired at 34. I rather see Suggs, Brown, Scott and Leonhard resigned than just keep Ray. Nest I love the site.

  6. NestMinder Says:

    Glad you found us Matt. Based on your comments, I think you’ll feel right at home around here.

  7. JUICE tm Says:

    ray lew is the foundation of our team and we would be losing a huge asset but i think reed can take the rains and lead us just as well as ray did all these years. i would love to see ray retire a raven and i would probably shoot myself in the head if he goes to the cowboys but we’ll see what happens. i just hope where ever he goes we rock their asses this year.

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