Reason # 7,456,823 Steeler Fans are Scum

This according to Ray Bachman, WNST radio personality, who was in attendance at Super Bowl XLIII:

During the game breaks at the stadium, they showed plays of the year on the video boards, among other things. Ed Reed’s 108-yard return made the big screen a number of times, and as you would expect, it drew a number of boos from the Pittsburgh faithful. Then Joe Flacco’s photo is flashed up there, and it says “Diet Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year,” and yet again come more boos.

For cryin’ out loud, these a-holes are on vacation watching their team play in the SUPER BOWL!  Yet the mere sight of anything purple makes them get their little pee pee rags all in a bunch.  I can see booing Ray Lewis.  I can see booing Terrell Suggs, since they all buy into that “bounty” bullshit.  But Ed Reed?  Super classy, plays the game the way it is meant to be played, and is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the top 3 safeties of all time.  And how do you boo Bazooka Joe?  An unassuming rookie from a Division I-AA school, who even started his college career in Pittsburgh!  Not to mention the guy went 0-3 against your team this year…you SHOULD be cheering him.  Morons.

Oh, I know.

  1. Jealousy
  2. Fear

Jealous that, no matter how much they delude themselves, Reed is still head, shoulders, and hair above Troy Polamalu (heckuva game he had Sunday, btw).  Jealous that, by way of his TWO playoff wins, Flacco had a more successful rookie season than “Ben.”  Fear because the 2% of Steeler fans who know even a lick about football see that Flacco is “Ben” 2.0.  All the size, with a better arm, and without the holding the ball for 8 seconds too long and throwing silly interceptions like clockwork.

If nothing else, we can take solace in the fact that, even when the Ravens are nowhere to be seen, and they are watching their team on football’s biggest stage…B’More is still in the heads of those towel waving goofs.

Apparently Sunday’s game was the most watched Super Bowl in history.  Well, I’m happy to say that those numbers had exactly zero to do with my household, as I abstained from watching the “big game” for the first time in my life.  Why?  Because I knew exactly what would happen.  I can’t comment on the officiating, because like I said – I didn’t watch.

Well, that’s not totally true.  I DID happen to turn it on for a moment – I just couldn’t resist.  It was the end of the first half when I finally gave in to temptation and flipped it on – much to my pleasant surprise, the Cards were about to be at least tied, and at best (gasp!) winning going into halftime!  Then came the James Harrison interception and 100 yard TD – complete with it’s multiple holds and at least one blatant block in the back during the return.  All of which, of course, went unflagged.  At that point, my suspicions confirmed, I swore off watching any more NFL football until the 2009 season (and knowing what happened in the fourth quarter, I couldn’t be happier with my decision).

Pittsburgh fans wanted this game for vindication after hearing for the last three years how the refs handed them Super Bowl XL.  Somehow I doubt they’re feeling very vindicated after yet another Championship where the officals are getting more ink than their team (I’m sure they’re all just “haters” though, right yins?) A bit more annoyed than vindicated, I’d wager.

Bah.  Whatever – it’s a small price to pay for 2 Super Bowls in 4 years, and we’d surely switch positions with them in a heartbeat.

That doesn’t change the fact that they are still nothing but piss rag waving cockroaches, of course.  And now they will multiply yet again.  Joy.


46 Responses to “Reason # 7,456,823 Steeler Fans are Scum”

  1. NestMinder Says:

    Ape, are you really chastising me for hating?

    That’s not an “empty airing of hate/hate-tinged tirade”?

    I mean, “F you, Cal Ripken?” Come on dude.

  2. FootballFan Says:

    Got to agree with the ape here…this post is the stuff tears are made of. You can’t say that everytime a highlight of the Steelers flashes Ravens fans scowl and boo uncontrollably. You can’t say the Ravens and their fans don’t constantly have the Steelers on their mind. The Steelers franchise is a model for greatness, and they just set the bar a little bit higher. Enjoy the offseason knowing they aren’t about to get any worse either. Time for some baseball talk? The O’s have been making a few small moves…

  3. FootballFan Says:

    and what the hell is Diet Pepsi ROY? Don’t get me wrong, he had a strong rookie year, but all Diet Pepsi ROY means is Joe received the most clicks on a webpage… people could vote as many times as they wanted. Did he also get a “Hanes He-Man of the Year” or “M&Ms MVP”??

  4. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    let’s not forget the stellar unbias officiating that went on in the Super Bowl, wait that was just a re-un of an old XFL game I taped, way to go refs, three personal foul calls not called and a “fumble” with the arm clearly going foward and releasing from the momentum Warner had on it not taking the time to get it right, and SqueelerNation here’s the personal fouls:

    James Harrison turning into John Cena during the punt clearly striking the player in the throat (unsportsman like conduct and an immediate ejection)

    Santiono Holmes cleverly using the football to impersonate King James of Cleveland (genius, way to pay tribute to your bitter rival city, excessive celebration)

    Farrior taking his helmet off on the field after the foward pass (excessive celebration once again)

    The Holmes penality would have set up Arizona closer, and if the refs took the time to review the “fumble” that was clearly a foward pass, the excessive celebration would be called on Farrior and would have set them up even closer to the goal line, and they would have gotten the TD cause Fitzgerald was torching the Steeler secondary all game.

    enjoy YET ANOTHER tainted Super Bowl, Steelers fans

  5. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    FootballFan, didn’t Little Ben win Diet Pepsi ROY, do your homework next time, boy, it’s a fan vote like the pro bowl

  6. FootballFan Says:

    haha I am not comparing anything to Ben, I wouldn’t celebrate a Diet Pepsi award for anyone. Great analysis of the game there Steve… let’s pick 3 plays and cry about them. ANY fan of ANY team could find 3 “blown” calls in ANY game. Going strictly by the definition of the rules, there could be 5 holding calls and a personal foul on every play. Pro Bowl voting isn’t only the fans either. The only Bowl that truly matters on a player’s resume is the Super Bowl.

  7. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    yes there are alot of calls that go unnoticed, but something as obvious as THOSE calls were that would effect the outcome of the game like they did, honeslty you must be REAL ignorant to be that blind while watching a game.

  8. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    Ray wasn’t in a court room when winning Super Bowl MVP, he was on the football field and was the best player during that game, it’s not his fault he had a great defense team that allowed him to cop a plea bargin

  9. NestMinder Says:

    I didn’t boycott the SB *because* the Ravens lost to the Steelers. If they’d lost the AFC Championship to say, the Chargers, I’d have watched.

    But when it comes to watching the Steelers, the NFL refs and I agree – the rules are different.

  10. FootballFan Says:

    HAHA, if the refs were so Steeler biased would they have called the safety that nearly cost the Steelers the game?? Would they have called back the rushing TD on the opening drive? If they were so biased shouldn’t they have called at least a quarter of the times James Harrison was held? Great teams win close games, good teams make up excuses for losing them.

  11. Matt Says:

    Hey Ape,

    At least Nestminder didn’t “involuntary resign” from one of the elite newspapers in the world for the lucrative career in making Hines Ward sound like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  12. NestMinder Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Makin dick jokes all day sounds like a great gig if you can get it. Hate on Ape for his steeler fandom, not for his job.

  13. Matt Says:

    I have nothing wrong with Ape but what the hell is he doing on a Baltimore Ravens fan blog? Is he one of the Steelers Nation morons who couldn’t location Pittsburgh on a map and only likes them because they are good? Hey Ape, Yankees season start soon

  14. Matt Says:

    *locate sorry kinda hard to bash a Steelers fan while watching the office

  15. ur mom Says:

    Posing for gay porn is not a book deal.

  16. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    FootballFan, the tackle guarding Harrison was called for holding THREE TIMES so that’s not a legitamate argument, seriously I wonder about the air in Squeel Country, it must whistle ACCEPT A WIN, REGARDLESS OF LEGITMACY when the wind blows

  17. FootballFan Says:

    haha we could debate calls/noncalls all day. i’ll agree to disagree in that regard. in order to earn a super bowl win you must get there first. the steelers earned that trip by beating the ravens 3 times! i’m guessing you believe none of those wins were legitimate? well, you’ve got the whole offseason to make excuses.

  18. NestMinder Says:

    I don’t think anybody claims the Steelers’ wins over the Ravens were “illegitimate.” Perhaps the Holmes TD in the 2nd game itself was, but that says nothing for the rest of the game, nor the ultimate outcome. Our boys shot themselves in the foot in the first and third games, and the results were in accordance.

    The point is, Pittsburgh got lucky as all hell on many, many occasions this season (SD1, Cle1, Jax, Dal, Balt1and2) – the fact that they just narrowly pulled out yet another one at the end fit right in with the season theme.

  19. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Ape, you must be joking? The playclock is destined for human error because it takes a second to look up at the clock and another second to look down to see if the ball is snapped by the official, that’s nothing compared to the obvious personal foul penalities from Holmes and Harrison in the Super Bowl, these aren’t excuses they are just facts

  20. NestMinder Says:

    That’s great that its been “proven” to be correct – by ridiculously sophisticated video analysis. The problem is that the official under the hood did not have that at the time – thus, without “irrefutable evidence” (which there was obviously none, if we had to get Bill Nye to analyze it), he was in the wrong for overturning the call. That’s the rule.

    It’s a lot like Frank Gifford having it “proven” to him that he did not pick up that first down in the 1958 title game (a few weeks back on ESPN’s “Greatest Game Ever Played” show). This guy is still completely bitter 50 years later! And Ravens fans are supposed to get over the Holmes catch in a month?

    The Ravens benefited from officiating in the Ten game. You’ll never hear me say otherwise. The Titans did the same in the first Bal-Ten game this year though, so Titans fans really can’t complain.

    Any NFL fan that is sans terrible towel has pretty much accepted at this point that any close calls are going to go the Steelers’ way. Not sayin it’s their fault for capitalizing on it (unlike Peyton Manning and the Colts, who were unable to capitalize on it when the refs screwed the Steelers in Indy in the Playoffs in 05).

    Instead of fighting it tooth and nail, yins should just accept it and be happy that it’s their team getting all the breaks. Fans of 31 other teams wouuld love to be in that position.

  21. Matt Says:

    What happened to Ape? What a pussy

  22. NestMinder Says:

    I have no idea what happened to Ape’s comments. As best I know, there is no way he could have gotten rid of them himself. He thinks I’m being an a-hole and deleting them, but that’s not the case. Its a mystery to me.

  23. Matt Says:

    Typical Western Pennsylvania white trash, when the lights goes on they scurry away like roaches. No wonder why they can’t take over M&T Bank Stadium. Six Lombardi Trophies, Six Teeth. Coincidence? I think not.

  24. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    Pittsburgh is so gay they need to make a light version of their hometown beer for all the sissy-ass Steel workers in Pittsburgh, oh wait there is no Steel mills anymore, maybe you could change your name to the Telemarketers or WannaBe-Marylanders since you migrate to our state due to rampid unemployment

  25. NestMinder Says:

    Steve – Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

    Ape’s comments are apparently getting eaten by my spam filter. I think I figured out how to fix it if he cares to join the conversation again (his previous comments, were pretty much typical high class Steeler fan fodder – calling us “sniveling losers” and such) but the guys got a Super Bowl to be celebrating, so I can’t figure out why he’s here worrying about what Ravens fans think anyway.

  26. NestMinder Says:

    Matt – Ape isn’t from western Pennyslvania – he’s from Washington DC, by way of Allentown. So he’s not even a yinzer, just a guy who “chooses” to be a Steelers fan for some mind boggling reason (I can see why he wouldn’t want to be a Skins fan, of course).

    I’d direct him and all the other cockroach steeler fans scattered across the country to this post:

    “So to all the fans of the Steelers, Cowboys, Yankees, Duke, UNC or any other perennial winning team who never lived in the city in which their team lives in, I just have one message:

    You’re not as much a fan as me.

    Deal with it. ”

    Amen, Sean.

  27. Matt Says:

    He not even a Yinzer??? From DC by way of Allentown? I’d respect him more if he was a Deadskins or an Eagles fan. Isn’t Allentown close to Philly anyways at least I respect Iggles fans. The Redskins are the less talent older brother of the Ravens. The Johnny Drama of the Baltimore-Washington sports teams. The Eagles fans are assholes (in a good way) and nobody is stupid enough to jump on that bandwagon. In fact pretty much every Eagles fan I met is either from Cecil County (which you might as well be in Delaware), Delaware, Eastern PA or New Jersey. “Not I am from California and my second cousin had a layover in Shittsburgh. Go Stillers.” Besides what his problem with purple camo? Yes it a stupid gimmick but every team has a stupid gimmick. The Gay Steelers Towel, the Dawgs in Cleveland, the Hogettes in DC, WearingSpikes in Oakland, The 12th Man in Seattle, (which is probably my favorite sports gimmick) Cheeseheads in Green Bay or massive douchbaggery in New England. You get what i mean

  28. Christmas Ape Says:

    I love how the debate has switched from how the Steelers, according to you, didn’t deserve their title. You lost that one, so you switched to personal attacks on me. Typical Ravens trash.

    I didn’t “choose” the Steelers. I was brought to like the team when I was toddler by a person close to my family (my family also has split allegiances so there wasn’t one dominant team) who remains like a member of the family to this day. When I started rooting for them, I didn’t know nor care how many titles they had won. And they weren’t particularly good at that time either.

    BTW, I know more than a few Ravens fans in their 20s who grew up as Redskins fans in the Maryland, who then suddenly switched in the last decade. I bet some of you are guilty of the same.

    Bottom line: You’re not a better fan than me. Not even Internet tough guy Matt.

    Also: None if you live in Baltimore City.

  29. NestMinder Says:

    Good to have ya back, Ape.

    /throws a beer to ape
    //actually, throws it AT Ape, Preakness-style (unopened when he’s not looking).
    ///ah, those were the days.

  30. Matt Says:

    Welcome back Ape and FYI I actually live in Federal Hill and I can see M&T Bank Stadium outside the balcony of my house so I do live in Baltimore. Besides I really didn’t have an NFL team growing up. MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY ARE YOU TROLLING ON A BALTIMORE SPORTS BLOG? Do you troll on Cleveland and Cincinatti blogs?

  31. FootballFan Says:

    haha this is some good reading… i can’t say i agree with all this questioning of fanhood and what makes people better fans. a view of a team’s stadium definitely doesn’t qualify as a measure of your fanhood. being a fan is about passion, screaming at the tv, and enjoying all of the shit talk. any team that has success pulls in bandwagon fans. i do believe the ravens fan base grew dramatically this year (see: flacco jersey sales around christmas time) but thats expected

  32. ur mom Says:

    I’ve seen ape use this logic before – when somebody calls him out for being a bandwagoneer, he says “whatever, ravens fans dont live in baltimore city”

    The point is, the Ravens are the closest team – if you live in Towson, you should be a Ravens fan. The last I checked, there wasn’t an NFL franchise in Parkville or Hunt Valley. Allentown is closer to NYC than it is to Pittsburgh. And I think I saw him write at some point this season that he was going to his first Steelers game since 1998. Yeah, hell of a fan right there.

    Baltimore Ravens, as in Baltimore Area Ravens. Not Allentown Steelers or DC Steelers. Yes, people that are born in/around the city their team plays in, and go to more than 1 game every 10 years, are more of a fan than you are, Monkey boy.

  33. Matt Says:

    Godforbid I actually root for a team who’s stadium that is 20 minutes away from where I grew up you bandwagoning donkey. Typical white trash Steelers loser. You never answered my questions asshole. What your problem with the Purple Camo like i said it a stupid gimmick but it part of the Ravens and why are you on this website. We don’t invade your loser website where Drew is the only funny one or that Steelers blog you got.

  34. Christmas Ape Says:

    I love how this is all Ravens fans have on me and repeat it ad nauseum. Nice to see you’ve abandoned all football talk now too. Sucks that I’ve liked the Steelers longer than you all have liked the Ravens. Or whenever you switched back from being Redskins fans sometime during the 2000 season.

    And, yes, I hadn’t gone to a regular season game since 1998 (when Steelers fans took over the first ever game at PSI Net/M&T Bank shithole — which is why the ownership had to ask Ravens fans not to sell tickets to Steelers fans in subsequent years. Great committed following you guys have) before this season. This has more to do with cost than desire. I have gone up to Baltimore five times just to be at the scene of the game. And I did go to the two preseason games the Steelers played in D.C. in 2005 and 2007.

    So, again, no, you fairweather selling-tickets-to-rivals Ravens fans aren’t better than me.

  35. Matt Says:

    Ape… Go Away seriously

  36. Matt Says:

    Ape…why are you on this website. We don’t invade your loser website where Drew is the only funny one or that crappy Steelers blog you got. Ya cockroach

  37. Matt Says:

    Wow its a Saturday night and Ape is on a blog talk smack to Ravens fans Don’t you have anything better to do. I think I know what your problem is. You need to get laid. Seriously, does anyone want to start a fund to get Ape a hooker?

  38. Matt Says:

    Wow its a Saturday night and Ape is on a blog talk smack to Ravens fans Don’t you have anything better to do. I think I know what your problem is. You need to get laid. Seriously, does anyone want to start a fund to get Ape a hooker?

  39. Christmas Ape Says:

    Matt: Once again, the only reason I came to this site was because NestMinder had been talking smack on KSK. So, yes, you do “invade” my sites.

    To answer your question: I also check out WhoDey Revolution. The Browns don’t have any blogs really worth reading, so I don’t “troll” on any of them.

    And, uh, Matt: you commented twice ten minutes after I did. What does that say about your life? I had just gotten in from being out all evening and wanted to see where this catfight had progressed to.

  40. NestMinder Says:

    Thanks for saying I’m “worth reading” Ape! You should check out Waiting for Next Year, its a pretty good Browns blog.

  41. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    FootballFan, how bout 2004 when Roethlisberger jersies spiked Steeler jersey sales, see how that argument is STUPID AS SHIT

  42. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    Christmas Ape, fairweather-sell-to-rival-fans? last time I checked there were a good amount of Ravens fans in Pittsburgh for the AFC title game and Ravens fans travel pretty well to Pittsburgh, what does that say about YOUR fan base selling tickets, once again STUPID ARGUMENT, you have fairweather fans and die hard fans everywhere

  43. FootballFan Says:

    haha I guess you have a hard time reading Steve… I said it happens to every team. “any team that has success pulls in bandwagon fans”

  44. FootballFan Says:

    As for “STUPID AS SHIT” arguments, let’s analyze this little comment…

    “The playclock is destined for human error because it takes a second to look up at the clock and another second to look down to see if the ball is snapped by the official, that’s nothing compared to the obvious personal foul penalities from Holmes and Harrison in the Super Bowl”

    All “personal fouls” are “destined for human error” because they too are judgement calls. Officiating in general is full of human error.

  45. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    judgement calls? so the refs looked at Harrison striking a defenseless player in the throat and said “yea that’s cool”, Holmes excessive celebration that would have been called in any other game, they suddendly out of the blue, decided “yea that’s cool”, your argument between personal foul calls and the play clock as human errors makes no sense, granted there are a lot of personal fouls that go unnoticed, but I’m not talking about those in general, I’m talking about the Super Bowl, to have the arrogance to do something as blatant as that, there’s something going on there, Rooney has one had in his pocket and the other one is writing a heafty check, again WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN HERE?

  46. gerald27 Says:

    hey, found you on yahoo. really like the site. keep up the good work!

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