At Least Someone in Baltimore is Relevant to Baseball

That someone is Mike Bogdan.  Even though you’ve never heard of him, and he’s never taken a swing or thrown a pitch at the major league level, he has had a bigger impact on baseball over the last several years than arguably any man – and definitely more impact than anybody playing for the Orioles.

So how does a low life real estate crook end up as the FBI’s top informant regarding steroids in baseball?

Read the ridiculous story of Bogdan at the Smoking Gun.


One Response to “At Least Someone in Baltimore is Relevant to Baseball”

  1. Molly Says:

    Hey there! Stumbled on your site through Ravens 365, like what I see and will have to check back by.
    I’m Molly, by the way. I’ve not seen this Smoking Gun article and just started reading it. If I decide to write an article aobut this B-more guy, I’ll make sure to give you props. Thanks for turning me on to this!!! Who knew…I hadn’t heard the informant was from B-more explains why much of this controversy started around here though.

    Keep it up. Like your banner to Ware.

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