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The Adventures and Wheels & Deals in FA

February 27, 2009

What we’ve heard so far today:

-LB Bart Scott offered 5 yr $40 Million from Jets: UPDATE! All reports Scott has signed with the Jets. 6 yr $48 Million

-Ravens cut DE Marques Douglas

-Ravens sign CB Dominique Foxworth, 4 years $28 million

-Ravens re-sign CB Derrick Martin

We’ll keep updating, you keep reading…


The Ravens Should Draft Dave Neal

February 26, 2009

Since the Ravens are still facing the prospect of losing two of their starting linebackers, they should maybe look into drafting Dave Neal out of Maryland in April.  Judging by this hit he laid on some random pu$$y-a$$ d00k player last night, Neal subscribes whole-heartedly to Ray Lewis’ and the Ravens’ philosophy of “if you can’t beat them, HURT them!”

We're Gonna Boo Teixiera

February 24, 2009

Stumbled upon this video today whilst scanning the interweb.  Three guys that call themselves “The Boooooog Pows” have put together a little diddy to pay homage to that backstabbing, money-grubbing, insult to Maryland, Mark Teixiera.

B’More Birds’ Nest fully supports this video and the message it conveys.



February 18, 2009

Man, I’m just tryin to eat some dinner here, but the contract news just keeps rollin’ in.

We just told you about B-Rob, and now is reporting that the Ravens have indeed placed the franchise tag on T-Sizzle for the 2nd consecutive season.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but I guess the two sides just couldn’t get close on a long-term extension.  The bad news is that this pretty much assures that Suggs will be absent from all off-season workouts and from training camp.

The good news is that the Ravens get to hang on to him for another season, and that they can now turn their attention to the other crucial free agents; namely, Ray Lewis and Jason Brown.

Brown SHOULD be priorty number 1.  I’d bet money though, that of the two, we hear about Lewis signing first.

Now, I could have sworn that last year when Suggs was franchised, we heard something about there being a stipulation in place that he did not have to accept the tag again.  Maybe it was in place, but he just decided he *wanted* to accept the tag?

More details to come.

O's, B-Rob Close on Extension

February 18, 2009

I’ve read this in a few places today, so I’ll go ahead and assume it is all but done.

The Orioles and Brian Roberts have agreed on a contract extension, the terms of which are somewhere in the 4-years, $40 million range.  Roch at MASN says the O’s likely won’t make an announcement on the deal until Friday.

This is great news in my opinion.  Roberts, long rumored to be nothing but trade bait as the O’s go through their most recent “youth movement,” is still one of the best leadoff hitters in the game, and the O’s are obviously better with him than without him.  He’s no spring chicken by baseball standards any more, at 31, but should still have a handful of productive years in his future – they might as well be here in B’More.

Roberts has been remarkably consistent over the past 4 seasons.  To whit, his stats over 2005-2008 look like this:

Batting average: .314,  .286,  .290, .296

OBP:  .387,  .347,  .377, .378

Runs:  92, 85, 103, 107

Doubles:  45, 34, 42, 51

RBI:  73, 55, 57, 57

Stolen Bases:  27, 36, 50, 40

SB Percentage:  73, 84, 88, 80

Those numbers sure don’t scream “I’m on the decline!”  Or, maybe more importantly in Roberts’ case, “I was greatly benefiting from steroids!”

Brian is a fan (and owner) favorite, and as good as it would have been to see him get the chance to go to say, Chicago, and play some meaningful late- or post-season games, it will be even better if he gets to experience that in Baltimore some day.  The dude has put up with a ton of losing during his time here, but hopefully before this contract is up, he’ll get to taste some winning.

We all know what B-Rob looks like, so instead I’ll leave you with some photos of the new (as of January) Mrs. Brian Roberts, 2006 “Ms. FHM” Diana Chiafair.

C-ya, C-Mac

February 16, 2009

The Ravens released Chris McAlister today.


The Baltimore Ravens terminated the contract of CB Chris McAlister this afternoon, it was announced by Ozzie Newsome, the team’s general manager and executive vice president.

McAlister, a 3-time Pro Bowl standout, played 10 seasons for the Ravens after being selected in the 1st round (10th pick) in the 1999 draft. A starter on the 2000 Super Bowl championship Baltimore team, “C-Mac” produced 26 career interceptions, good for 3rd place on the team’s all-time list (behind Ed Reed, 43, and Ray Lewis, 28.) He scored 7 career touchdowns – 6 by interceptions and 1 on a missed field goal, which set a then NFL record for longest play (107 yards).

McAlister, who will be 32 in June, played in 6 games in 2008, starting 5, before being placed on Injured Reserve with a knee injury on 11/11. Before being hurt, Chris stole 3 passes and made 19 tackles (17 solo).

“First, we want to thank Chris for all he did for the Ravens in the past 10 years,” Newsome explained. “He was a major contributor to many big wins, including the Super Bowl. To play the type of defense we have used here, you have to have corners who can cover one-on-one. He was one of the best at that for us. He was physical and he could run with the best.”

“All of us who had the opportunity to coach Chris for the first time this season have an appreciation for all the good things he did for this team through the years,” head coach John Harbaugh said. “He’ll be remembered by us and the fans as one of the best to ever play for the Ravens. He’s a tough guy and he loves football. He’ll play again and he’ll play well.”

The move saves the team about $8-9 million of cap space for 2009.  McAlister butted heads a bit with the new regime, and only appeared in a handful of games in his final season in purple, before being placed on IR.

This move is really a surprise to nobody, but it still feels a bit strange now that it’s offical.  There could, of course, be some even stranger feelings in the near future regarding departed Ravens though, once free agency starts in 11 days.

Uber-douche Jeff Reed Arrested for Assualting a Towel Dispenser

February 16, 2009

Over the weekend, Pittsburgh kicker Jeff Reed was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.  From the report:

According to a state police press release, Reed damaged a towel dispenser inside the men’s room at a Sheetz gas station on Route 22 in New Alexandria after he became infuriated that it did not contain towels.

Store employees told state police that they heard Reed “banging on something and that it was really loud.” The employees said Reed then left the bathroom “using profane language in a loud manner” and stating that there were no towels in the restroom.

(read it here)

B’More Birds’ Nest was able to obtain this photo, which was taken from a camera mounted inside the wall above said dispenser (and, yes, it was a special camera that is able to capture words on film. Also, New Alexandria PA looks a lot like Miami.  Just shut up and go with it.)

Mike Florio = Moron

February 13, 2009

For the most part, I’ve been a fan of  Admittedly, I check it at least a couple times a week during the season.  However, with this latest batch of nonsense that site guru Mike Florio has posted, I may have logged on for the final time.

Here, Florio hands out the “Pat Tillman” award.  He never really gives a full description of exactly what the award is supposed to honor – I’d expect an award named after Tillman to reward things such as bravery, off-field service, etc.  My gut reaction is to say that, until another overpaid, prima donna football player quits the NFL in lieu of serving his country in combat duty, that there shouldn’t be a single “Pat Tillman Award” ever handed out.

In any case, Florio apparently has just decided to honor Tillman by naming his “best safety” award after him.  Fair enough.  But giving the award to Troy Polamalu over Ed Reed is unforgivable.  From the article:

Polamalu is a guy who has as much of an impact on an opposing offense as a field-stretching receiver has on a defense.  The quarterback must always know where Polamalu is — before the snap, at the snap, and during the play.

He always seems to be in the right place at the right time.  He contorts his body to get to the quarterback or to scoop the ball before hits the grass.  He moves with reckless abandon.  He generates the most excitement after making an interception or recovering a fumble, moving frenetically through the broken field and, more often than not, finding a way through the maze.

Though Reed is close behind, Polamalu is the best safety in the game.  Together, they are two of the best ever, and hopefully they will be spots in Canton for both of them.

Reading this really makes me think that PFT got hacked and some Stiller homer replaced “Reed” with “Polamalu” and vice versa.

Seriously, Mike, you just described Ed Reed.

Troy “generates the most excitement after making an interception or recovering a fumble,” and “more often than not, find[s] a way through the maze?”  Really?  Is that evidenced by his TWO career touchdowns?

Also, the award was given based on fan voting.  Since Steeler fans outnumber Ravens fans by probably about 10-to-1, this is no surprise.  However, Florio also adds this bit of dumbshittery to the mix:

Polamalu edged out Baltimore’s Ed Reed in PFT Planet Polling, and we’re glad that Polamalu prevailed, because we likely would have overruled the will of the many on this one.

For some more evidence of the genius that is Florio, I’ll point out some of his on-the-mark 2008 season predictions, as compiled by Nest favorite TMQ.

Mike Florio predicted in The Sporting News that the Steelers would not make the playoffs and the Titans would finish last in their division (they won the AFC’s top seed). The Giants, he predicted, also would miss the postseason; they won the NFC’s first seed. On his Web site Pro Football Talk, Florio added that Atlanta made “a major mistake” by drafting Matt Ryan; Ryan was Offensive Rookie of the Year.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and The Sporting News. In early October he wrote, “It’s not too early to say that it’s over for the Ravens.” The Ravens made the AFC Championship Game. In July, Florio predicted the AFC North would have no team above .500; both AFC title-game entrants came from the AFC North. The Steelers “haven’t done much in the offseason to improve,” he foresaw.

It seems that it’s nothing new for a stew of stupidity to fly from Florio’s furious fingertips.

At least the PFT commenters have it right.  Of the 28 posted at the time of this writing, the arguments for Reed are winning about 2-to-1.  And of course, the pro-Reed comments are citing stats, while jungle man’s supporters wail about his “intangibles.”  My favorite so far is from Nick Blevins, who breaks down both of their career stats averaged over a 16 game season:

Tackles: Troy 59 – Ed 51 – Troy
Sacks: Troy 1.27 – Ed .75 – Troy by a lot
Safety: Troy 0 – Ed .15 – Ed
Pdef: Troy 9.64 – Ed 9.87 – Ed
Int: Troy 3.09 – Ed 6.49 – Ed by a lot
TD: Troy .18 – Ed 1.06 – Ed by a lot
Yards: Troy 38 – Ed 173 – Ed by a lot
FF: Troy 1.09 – Ed .91 – Troy

I really expect it to come out that the PFT article was compromised by some tech-savvy towel waver.  Even a guy that says it would be a mistake to draft Matt Ryan can’t be THIS stupid, can he?


February 7, 2009

Because it’s never to early to start hating on the Yankees:

It appears even Mr. “I’ve never felt outmatched on the baseball field” A-Rod couldn’t say no to a needle in the ass a few years back.

From Sports Illustrated:

In 2003, when he won the American League home run title and the AL Most Valuable Player award as a shortstop for the Texas Rangers, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two anabolic steroids, four sources have independently told Sports Illustrated.

Ray Lewis: "I love Baltimore. But not for less money. Oh, and go Red Sox!"

February 5, 2009

Here is a video from the NFL Network in which Ray Lewis talks to Jamie Dukes about his future.  On the topic of a hometown discount, Ray said this (paraphrasing):

“I don’t play less.  So I don’t accept less.”

Also, I’m pretty sure that’s a Boston Red Sux hat he is wearing during the interview.

Damn it.