Markakis Signs, WTF is a Felix Pie?

The Orioles finally stopped jerking Nick Markakis around, nickel-and-diming him over a few million dollars here and there, and locked him up to the tune of 6 years, $66 million (hey…666 – how fitting for Peter Angelos, no?)

Nicky Mark was never REALLY close to leaving, not being eligible for free agency until after the 2011 season, but O’s fans were starting to fret nonetheless.  We’ve seen things go sour countless times lately, and Markakis being around long-term just seemed too good to be true.  Add another one to the list of “good” moves by Andy MacPhail.

See what we did there?

Perhaps the more interesting move made by the O’s over the weekend was the trade that sent Garrett Olson and Henry Williamson to the Cubs for outfielder Felix Pie (pronounced Pee-ay apparently).  Pie was a guy that came up last offseason during discussions with the Cubs for Brian Roberts – the O’s wanted him, but Chicago said he was untouchable.  Well, things evidently changed.  Pie was out of options in Chicago, and the Cubs were seemingly out of patience.

Pie, 23, was named the organization’s #1 prospect in 2006 and 2007, but hit just .241 in 43 MLB games last season.  If he can develop like his potential hints he could, the Pie – Markakis – Adam Jones (who reportedly has put on 25 lbs of muscle this winter) outfield could be one of the best in baseball for the next decade.  If he doesn’t, then the Cubs may have just fleeced us for another Corey Patterson.

My question about Felix Pie: Can he pitch?!?  Don’t the O’s already have enough freakin’ outfielders?  Luke Scott, Lou Montanez, Ryan Freel.  Olson, 25, was far from overwhelming last year, going 9-10 with an ERA of 6.65 (the Cubs, by the way, reportedly have no interest in Olson; they are instead preparing to trade him to SD for Jake Peavy), but he had some decent games, and ate 132 innings.

Who the hell is going to pitch for this team this year?  Do you, dear reader, have intact elbow ligaments?  If so, look up when the O’s are accepting walk-ons in Spring Training and get your ass arm to Florida.


One Response to “Markakis Signs, WTF is a Felix Pie?”

  1. Steve Ravens365 Says:

    like the resigning of Markakais seeing as I just got a Markakais jersey and can wear it for 6 years and the fact he is the most talented OF in MLB, seeing him throw people out throwing from RF to 2B was amazing and worthy of an All-Star bid, he has one of the strongest arms for an OF and that’s key for the O’s rebuliding efforts, Pie apparentley was the Cubs top prospect, we’ll see what he can do with Koji and Gutherie

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