Congrats & So Long to Sexy Rexy

Well, it didn’t take Rex Ryan long to move on from Sunday’s loss, as it sounds like the New York Jets called him and hired him as their new head coach before he could even make it back to B’More.

Ryan had been with the Ravens since 1999, and has a Super Bowl ring to show for it.  Rex’s defenses finished at #5, #1, #6, and #2 in his 4 years as the Ravens’ defensive coordinator.  Those are some big shoes to fill (insert “Rex is fat” joke here) for his eventual replacement.  And, for pretty much the first time here in B’More, the Ravens don’t seem to have an immediate successor lined up as their current DC moves on to bigger things.   Casey Willett of WNST reports that the most likely candidates for the job are:

  • Mike Pettine – Ravens OLB coach.  However, Pettine may also go with Rex to be the DC of the NYJ.
  • Gregg Mattison – Ravens LB coach, who had never been a DC.
  • Chuck Pagano – Ravens secondary coach, who did a great job with this year’s group.  Pagano has also never held a coordinator position.
  • Vic Fangio – Ravens assistant to the Head Coach. Fangio has been DC for 3 NFL teams in the past:  Carolina (95-98), Indianapolis (99-01), and Houston (02-05).

It’s been a great run for Rex in Baltimore.  By many reports, he was the one most responsible for keeping the big egos of the Ravens’ veterans in check during Coach Harbaugh’s first season.  Which is a bit unsettling, especially since the Ravens have so many free agents on defense – could a Jim Leonhard, a Bart Scott, or even a T-Sizzle or Ray Lewis follow Rex to New York? (I say this, of course, while having no idea what the Jets’ cap situation is like.)

In case you were wondering, the Ravens do NOT play the Jets in 2009.

Rex, thank you for all you’ve done here in Baltimore, and we wish you much success as a head coach.  But please, don’t reward us for our years of support by treating our coaching staff and defensive roster like you (used to) treat an all-you-can-eat buffet.  Go coach Jets players in New York, not Ravens players.


One Response to “Congrats & So Long to Sexy Rexy”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Well, I hate to say it but I was right.

    I won 1/2 bets this past week (guess which one 😉 )

    I will say that the Ravens showed a lot of poise all season with a rookie QB and coach.

    But, this off-season will be interesting. With Rex going to the J-E-T-S (and taking Ravens assistants with him) and Ray Lewis heading to the Cowboys (dare i say?), you got Bart and Suggs left to duke it out for a long-term contract. I look forward to seeing which players are FAs and what the LB corp will look like next season.

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