Santa Hates the Squealers Right Back

Remember a few weeks back, when we told you about how those evil scrooges up in Pittsburgh hate Santa Claus?  Well, judging by the loot he left under my tree this Christmas, the jolly ol’ fat man hates those a$$holes right back.




Alright, so maybe the elf that made my hat dipped into the Xmas egg nog before he got off work and thus messed up his head:beak ratio while stitching.  It’s the thought that counts, little elf, and the thought is right on.


12 Responses to “Santa Hates the Squealers Right Back”

  1. 2 and 0, soon to be 3 and 0 Says:

    What ya buy a hat like this and I bet ya get a free bowl of soup, eh? Oh, it looks good on you though.”- Rodney Dangerfield

  2. goob Says:

    Nice shirt, I have the same one! I’m keeping it out away for the game this week because the last time I wore it, it didn’t bring us much luck. I’m converting back to the bill cowher chin nut sack shirt. Steelers fans can kiss my ass!

  3. 2 and 0, soon to be 3 and 0 Says:

    We wouldn’t even subject the homeless to wearing a shirt like that.

    Yeah, a Bill Cowher shirt. Now that sounds topical. You do realize he hasn’t been Pittsburgh’s coach for a few years, right? Or maybe you don’t know how to read.

  4. bill cowher's chinnuts Says:

    You’re right, he hasn’t been the coach. But listening to him gobble steeler cock in-studio on CBS, it’s pretty obvious little billy still sleeps under steelers sheets.

  5. 2 and 0, soon to be 3 and 0 Says:

    “Before the season, Cowher picked the Steelers to finish third in the AFC North. It was duly noted in the locker room.”

    Yep, sounds to me like he’s not objective.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there’s still some favoritism. I don’t think Jimmy Johnson blasts the Cowboys either. But “gobble steeler cock in-studio” isn’t a fair statement.

  6. bill cowher's chinnuts Says:

    lol. I think it’s his first-name basis with all the players that really gets under my skin.

    “Once Willie got rolling…,” “Hines is the kind of WR…,” “Heath makes a great move…”

    Come on, Bill. You’re on national TV for cryin’ out loud! We expect that kind of crap from some numb-nuts former player like emitt smiff, but not from a respectable guy like you.

  7. FootballFan Says:

    And the well-spoken Shannon Sharpe doesn’t mumble sweet nothings about his beloved Broncos/Ravens??

  8. bill cowher's chinnuts Says:

    Again…its expected from former players. Sharpe also picked the Titans Sunday. At halftime of the Pit-SD game, Cowher was talking like there was no point in even playing the 2nd half.

  9. goob Says:

    Chin nuts absolutely shows favoritism towards the Steelers. If I remember correctly, he pulled out one of those yellow shit rags you wipe youke ass with and started waving it before the last squeelers/ravens game. Now mr 2 and 0, please understand we will allow you to use that gay yellow towel and bite down on it while were ramming it into your backsides this Sunday.

    Oh I can read too douche, ill try My skills out on Sunday when I read my teams brand new AFC champions shirt.

  10. 2 and 0, soon to be 3 and 0 Says:


    I’m looking forward to Monday when your posts start “we got robbed by the refs”.

    Let’s face it. If the most hatred and biggest shot you can at the Steelers is directed at a coach that hasn’t been their coach for two years, that’s pretty pathetic. Why not take a shot at Hines Ward and say he blocks guys too hard or about how many Steelers have been fined for passing out hits deemed “too hard” by the NFL suits.

    I’ll answer that for you….it’s because that’s the way the game should be played. I’m not a Baltimore fan, but I think they (as well as Pittsburgh) are more old-school in their playing style and it shows. I expect this to be a hard hitting game that won’t get decided until the end. But I digress.

    All I was trying to say was if the best you can come up with is a shot at Cowher, then maybe you are secretly a Steeler fan at heart. If you’d like, I could rip off a few zingers about Ted Marchibroda or maybe Billick, but we here in Pittsburgh enjoy watching our team do the talking on the field.

    By the way…I applaud your excellent grasp of English grammar, spelling and capitalization.

  11. Thomas Crowley Says:

    Mr 2 and 0 U steelers fans have been running your mouths much more then ravens fans have. I won’t talk i’ll just let the ravens do the talking on the field Sunday.

  12. FootballFan Says:

    It’s good to know Thomas has given the players permission to do the talking.

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