Onorato bans Onorato from Pittsburgh

In recent Shitsburgh news, the Chief Executive of Allegheny County PA (Pittsburgh), Dan Onorato, has learned about the affiliation of Nick-A-What!? (aka Nick Onorato) with the Baltimore Ravens and B-More Birds’ Nest.

Dan & Nick Onorato

An Uncanny Resemblance

N-A-W, the production artist/co-creator of B-More Birds’ Nest, was discovered by Dan Onorato yesterday as Dan was preparing for the city of Pittsburgh’s “Roast the Raven Rally”.  Dan, or “Dr. Lightning-Bolt-Fists,” as family members call him, was using his incredible internet surfing skills, and stumbled across the B-More Birds’ Nest website while attempting to find a photograph of “Big Ben” Ben “Ben” Roethlisberger’s father’s lover.

In rage and disgust, his genius led him to search long and … well… not very far, down several blog articles to the posting of D.Baby and N-A-W in the Baltimore Sun.  Dr. Lightning-Bolt-Fists, long time Squealers fan, then sent an email to NestMinder effectively banning N-A-W from ever entering his city again, stating, “…no possible long lost relative of mine would ever root for the Ravens!”

Little did he know, N-A-W was there in August too where he witnessed the Shitsburgh Butt-Pirates first hand!  But, obviously, nobody cares about them.

N-A-W’s response?  “He should take one of those terrible towels and… well… no… I won’t stoop to his level, he’s probably family.  But I do hope a bird shits in his coffee.”


3 Responses to “Onorato bans Onorato from Pittsburgh”

  1. goob Says:

    I had no idea that such a macho man like nick a what would actually be related to a terrible towel waving flaming homo!

    Remember the only thing keeping Pittsburgh on top of Baltimore is geography, not football!

  2. netminder Says:

    Always remember. Women get uglier the more north you go.


    What bout that guy who was RAVENstahl, then changed it to Steelerstahl.

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