Extra! Extra! Steelers Fans are Idiots!

Hey, towel-wavers, don’t be mad at me.  I don’t make the news, I just report it.

Fortunately for yinzers, science has proven that it only takes a meager 45 IQ points (per rag) to wave a rag around.

A Steelers fan stretching his intellectual capacity to the limit

And no, I didn’t doctor those at all.  But, for the record, I think I did see one that said something like “Kerry Collins IQ = 145.”  Riiiiiiight.


8 Responses to “Extra! Extra! Steelers Fans are Idiots!”

  1. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    Good thing that guy is wearing a helmet.

  2. NestMinder Says:

    its icy out there. he might be like ben, fall down go boom.

  3. Squeelers fans suck and the city is $#@%! just like the fans and players! Says:

    Squeelers! HAHA!!!! Big Hen will be eating dirt! Scumbag players

  4. "Ben" Says:

    Hey! How’d you get a picture of my Dad’s lover up there?

  5. Thomas Crowleys Says:

    That explains why they wave piss soaked towels around at their games – because they’re so stupid.

  6. Jt Says:

    My favorite is the one of the fat girl in a steeler shirt…Priceless.

  7. goob Says:

    I hope that’s not what big bobs future grandson is going to look like

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