Suck My A$$$$$$$$, Mark Teixeira

I had held off on posting about this, because I was pretty sure all along this was how it was going to end; with Mark Teixeira never playing in Oriole Park at Camden Yards as a member of the home team.

The Great Peter Angelos has once again hoodwinked the city of Baltimore and it’s baseball fans, by going through the charade of pretending to try to bring Tex “home” while all along knowing full well that the offer they had put on the table was nothing more than the proverbial bone to appease the dwindling fan base.  Sure, the 5000 or so orange-glasses wearing fools that still buy O’s season tickets will continue to tow the company line of “trust in the plan of MacPhail.” You’ll hear that sentiment echoed time and again by the media outlets in town who are nothing more than Peter’s pawns, but I, along with most everyone who has ever donned a cartoon bird proudly, have had just about enough.

Teixiera was too good to be true.  The Severna Park kid with the sweet swing and slick glove who could instantly become the face of the franchise and put butts in the seats again.  The Cal Ripken for the next generation.

A pipe dream, and nothing more.

With Angelos at the helm, the O’s are but a shadow of the team Mark cheered for growing up anyway, a barely recognizable imposter to the great tradition of Orioles baseball.  Sure, he dreamed of playing for the O’s as a kid.  But not Pete’s O’s.

I’m not even sure who to be angrier with.

Peter the Great, for never even seriously trying to lure Tex home?  By most accounts, the Orioles’ initial offer to Teixeira was in the 7-year-140-million range.  Now though, its coming out that the offer was more like $125 million.  For a free agent that was expected all along to command near $200 million, offering just over half seems like a pretty laughable tactic.  And then, to NOT ONCE upgrade the offer as more and more teams entered the bidding?  The question becomes:  Does Pete really think WE are this stupid to think they were ever serious, or, is HE really that stupid to think Tex would give a “home town discount” of such ludicrous proportions?  And of course, there is his famous promise that the money from his precious sports network (MASN) would be used to compete for free agents with the likes of Boston and New York.  Three years later, that promise is still showing just how empty anything from a lawyer’s mouth really is.

Or should the anger be directed at Tex?  For using his home team (and it’s fans) as nothing more than leverage.  For paying lip service all these years, saying things like, “Baltimore is somewhere we would have to look very seriously at in the future.”  For signing, of all places, with the NEW YORK YANKEES!  Mark, Mark, Mark.  I’d say I’m looking forward to hearing you lustily booed by your home town, but we all know that Skank fans outnumber O’s fans at Oriole park 10-to-1 these days.  Hell, come to think of it, Mark gets the best of both worlds.  He gets to play on a team that is actually committed to winning, AND gets to hear cheers when he plays in the ballpark he spent so many summer nights at as a kid.  So what if the cheers are coming from the visiting team’s fans?  Can you really blame the guy?

Or how about MLB itself, for allowing such a mockery to come of it’s attempts at parity?  This “luxury tax” is really doing the job, isn’t it Commissioner?  The Yankees now have the Top 4 highest paid baseball players in the league on their roster at the same time (Jeter, GayRod, Tex, Sabathia).  The retched excess being shown by the Skanks, especially during these tough economic times, is truly vomit-worthy.  Speaking of, I’m hoping that the Steinbrenner’s money is actually wrapped up in the Madoff scandal, but they’re just too stupid to have realized it yet.  Defenders of MLB will point to the fact that the Yanks haven’t won a World Series since 2000, and didn’t even make the playoffs last year.  While true, that misses the point.  The fact that one club is paying individual players what some pay their entire rosters is just flat wrong.

Ugh.  It’s Christmas time, and bringing Mark home could have, along with the Ravens potentially clinching an improbable playoff spot, could have made this one of the most memorable weeks in Baltimore sports history.  Instead, we are just reminded of how much more competent the guys in purple are at their jobs than the guys in orange are at theirs.

Go Ravens.


6 Responses to “Suck My A$$$$$$$$, Mark Teixeira”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Here’s my 2 cents: It’s like Tony Montana said: “First you get the money, then you power and then you get the women…”—err, well kinda related to this post—The Yankees have the cash flow to buy just about anyone they want. I agree that the luxury tax needs to go and we should have a hard cap in the MLB. The problem is that the major markets like Boston and NY has so much clout in the Commish’s office that this won’t happen anytime soon. Plus, you have to get the Player’s Union involved too.

    And, as much as you hate the Yanks, you have to admit that Steinbrenner wisely invested in this team much like Buffet did with Berkshire Hathaway—so unfortunately, no Madoff scandal.

  2. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    But, let’s look at the flipside—if you had ALL THAT MONEY, what would you do?? Hell, I’d buy Texas not Teixiera.

    Hence the reason, why Angelos won’t leave the team because he is a fat cat who made all his millions on asbestos cases. Reference back “Those who have the money get the power.” The fans are just “peons/proletariat” in Angelos’ world.

  3. Bob Says:

    Hey, don’t blame Peter Angelose or his “yes man” MacPhail. Nobody wants to come play for a team that has lost for 12 years and as long as these two Goofs are at the helm, it will be another 12. They need to realize that they’ve got to overpay in order to recruit talent for bmore. Just because Tex is from MD doesn’t mean he should play here for free, but we would expect nothing less from Angelose. On the bright side, we are trying to get Mark Hendrickson, Brandon Looper, Koji Uehara, and don’t forget the talented Greg Zaun! What else could we ask for?!?

  4. Mike Says:

    The failure to sign Tex has nothing to do with the Orioles front office. We tried to contact Boras numerous times to put a new offer on the table, and each time he made it clearer and clearer that Tex was not coming here and no amount of money could change his mind.

    Some research or evidence to back up the claims on here would be nice, since it was not founded at all.

  5. NestMinder Says:

    If you really believe that, Mike, than there is nothing I can say to change your mind.

    The Orioles never had any desire to sign Tex. He didn’t fit into their “rebuilding” (with cheap players) plan, and they only made an offer to appease the fans.

    The worst case scenario for Pete, Andy, & Co. would have been for Scott Boras to call and say “Mark really wants to play in Baltimore. How can we get this thing done?”

    Thanks for reading.

  6. Joe Says:

    Mark Tex is just a normal human being with normal human impulses and instinct , you know the tried and true age old human instinct of greed , as the old saying goes money talks , bullshit walks – – – it always did and always will . In fact money trumps everything else in life – – – as much as we’d like to think otherwise .

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