Lookalikes! Cowgirls Edition

The Ravens travel to Dallas this week, so natch (that’s what the teens Cowboys say instead of “naturally”) it’s time for some Cowboy lookalikes.  A fair warning:  they won’t be as good as last week’s, because, frankly…nobody is as stupid looking as the Steelers.  No getting around that.  Also, you won’t find any comparisons of Rowdy, their mascot, and a certain 2005 Best Picture.  That fruit just hangs too low – perhaps a side effect of those ass-less chaps?

1.  Let’s hope Marion Barber’s toe is still bothering him.  Even though nobody runs on the Ravens, a healthy Barber is no joke.  Perhaps his Doc will prescribe some medical marijuana, and he will be a nonfactor.

2.  “Aw, Tony Romo is so cute.”  You know who he reminds me of?  Unfortunately, folks in Texas will probably think this is a compliment.

3.  That’s my quarterback.  And these are Fergie’s sunglasses.

Jokes aside, the Ravens have a tall order ahead of them this week in Big D.  We’ll break it down later in the week.



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