Ed Reed Wins 2008 Ed Block Courage Award

Congratulations to Ed Reed, who has been named the Ravens recipient of the 2008 Ed Block Courage Award.  Each year, one player from each NFL team receives the award, which is named after the long time Baltimore Colts athletic trainer.

According to the Ed Block Foundation Website, the award “honor(s) one player from each of the National Football League teams who, in the eyes of his teammates, best exemplifies and displays courage.”

Reed, who was diagnosed with a nerve impingement in his neck at the beginning of the season, and who wasn’t even sure he would be able to play at all in 2008 (or ever again) is having a typical fast Eddie season.  After Tony Romo hands him his 3rd pick six of the year this Saturday night, his next personal award could very likely be his second Defensive Player of the Year.

Past Ravens winners include:  Samari Rolle, Corey Ivy, Dale Carter, Orlando Brown, Marques Douglas, Ethan Brooks, Cory Harris, and Anthony Poindexter.


2 Responses to “Ed Reed Wins 2008 Ed Block Courage Award”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    5 words:

    Ronnie Lott, Tecmo Super Bowl.

  2. FootballFan Says:

    Nice to see McClain get a Pro Bowl invite. Where’s Ngata???

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