(Refs + Steelers) 13 Ravens 9 (The REFS DON'T UNDERSTAND "INDISPUTABLE" Game)

Let me start by saying that, unfortunately, we can now add another item to THIS gut wrenching list.

The Ravens defense again folded at the most inopportune time, and allowed the Steelers to pull another one out of their asses at M&T Bank Stadium yesterday.  I’ll give a short punch-list of points from the game, because too much thinking about it will make me vomit all over the keyboard like my roommate used to do in college whilst trying to drunk IM.

  • Joe Flacco continues to struggle at home, and against good defenses.  His passes were off the mark (most notably on two possible long touchdowns to Derrick Mason), and he took a sack at the worst possible time – late in the 4th with the Ravens in FG range.
  • Great job by the offensive line keeping the Steelers pass-rush in check.  James Harrison was a non-factor. (listens to Squealer fans whining about him being held)
  • Mad props to B’More fans in general for not allowing those cockroach Steeler fans to take over our stadium.  There were far fewer of them in the tailgate lots than expected, and on TV the piss rags were few and far between.  Nantz and Simms commented several times on how loud the crowd was when Pitt had the ball, and baby ben could be seen mouthing to his coach on the sideline, “I can’t hear.”  Well, either that or, “I’m a queer.” It was tough to tell.
  • Fabian Washington continues to impress.  He had a great game, but in possibly the biggest development of the game, pulled his hamstring at the start of the 4th quarter.  This opened the door for all sorts of shenanigans, including Jayvee players Corey Ivy and Frank Walker covering Hines Ward and Nate Washington on the game-deciding drive.  Awesome.
  • Another possible result of Washington’s injury was Rex Ryan’s decision to go with a 3-man rush on that final drive.  After harassing Worthlessburger all day…he turned down the pressure.  Big mistake.  Hopefully, it really was out of necessity to protect Walker and Ivy on the back end, and not just a big, fat, brainfart caused by his downing of too many mini-crabcakes in the halftime locker room.
  • Sam Koch, as we predicted, was the Ravens best weapon.
  • Squealer fans like to point at Troy “So easy a caveman can do it” Polamalu’s play near the line of scrimmage as the reason he is a better safety than Ed Reed.  Well, let’s hope they were all paying attention when Reed-Fence flew through and took down benny boy, who outweighs fast Eddie by about 50 pounds.
  • The infamous goal line call will be analyzed ad nauseum over the next oh, 25 years.  But that call only overshadowed another terrible call by the gold-and-black zebras.  With the Ravens leading 3-0 at the start of the 2nd quarter, the defense caused what should have been a quick 3-and-out, forcing the Steelers to punt from back inside their own 30.  Gary Russell got a ridiculously generous spot on his 3rd-and-1 dive play, a spot which was rightfully challenged by John Harbaugh.  Simms and Nantz agreed vehemently with Harbaugh, saying that there was very conclusive evidence that Russell did not, in fact, reach the 30 yard line, which was needed for a first down.  Inexplicably, the generous spot was upheld…and those lucky assholes went on to score a FG on the drive.  Three more points that should not have happened, courtesy of Walt Coleman and his crew of morons.
  • Score more than 9 points at home!!
  • Finally, *($*R%($*()$*()R%#*)#*(#^!#*()*UIOJDKLF N#$U*ORI$#()U $FO($UFIOIJDFKL !!!!

Whatever.  The Steelers got lucky.  That’s about as newsworthy as the sun rising at this point.  But hey, the rest of the world is still waiting for the ball from baby ben’s sneak in Super Bowl XL to cross the goal line too.

On to more important business.  The Ravens still control their own destiny.  Two wins to finish the season gives them a Wild Card berth.  A tough game in Dallas just became a must-win if the Ravens want to avoid needing help from the goofy  AFC East.  Saturday Night Football.  Ravens-Cowboys.  Both teams scraping for the playoffs.  Getcha’ popcorn pepto ready.


9 Responses to “(Refs + Steelers) 13 Ravens 9 (The REFS DON'T UNDERSTAND "INDISPUTABLE" Game)”

  1. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Yeah, you see all this junk (see below)—pretty much sums up the game. Allowing the Ravens “vaunted” defense to give up 92 yards in 12 plays when Pitt started on their own 8 is PATHETIC!! You have nothing to blame on the refs for their “supposed 2 feet in or ball breaks the plane” TD call.

    1st-10, PIT8 3:36 B. Roethlisberger passed to H. Ward to the right for 13 yard gain
    1st-10, PIT21 3:26 B. Roethlisberger passed to H. Ward down the middle for 13 yard gain
    1st-10, PIT34 3:00 B. Roethlisberger incomplete pass to the right
    2nd-10, PIT34 2:54 B. Roethlisberger incomplete pass to the right
    3rd-10, PIT34 2:54 B. Roethlisberger passed to N. Washington to the left for 16 yard gain
    1st-10, 50 2:14 B. Roethlisberger passed to N. Washington to the right for 9 yard gain
    2nd-1, BAL41 1:59 M. Moore rushed up the middle for 3 yard gain
    1st-10, BAL38 1:24 B. Roethlisberger passed to N. Washington to the left for 24 yard gain
    1st-10, BAL14 1:12 B. Roethlisberger passed to H. Ward to the left for 10 yard gain
    1st-4, BAL4 1:04 B. Roethlisberger incomplete pass down the middle
    2nd-4, BAL4 0:52 B. Roethlisberger incomplete pass to the right
    3rd-4, BAL4 0:43 B. Roethlisberger passed to S. Holmes down the middle for 4 yard touchdown. J. Reed made PAT.

    COWBOYS WILL BEAT THE RAVENS. Looks like the Pats and Miami are about to take over the #6 spot.

  2. FootballFan Says:

    Cowboys/Ravens will be a good game. Definitely can’t chalk this one up to the refs. Like Week 3, the Ravens had every chance to take over the game with great field position the entire first half. Again, good veteran teams find ways to win close games and take advantage of any “luck” that comes their way. The Steelers D held tough and gave the lousy offense just enough chances to pull it out in the end. How about this explanation when a flag (against the Ravens) was picked up… “There is no penalty for illegal formation because number 79 was confused”. Sorry ref, I was confused, please pick up the flag. lol

  3. Shmaiken Says:

    Ravens got no one to blame but themselves. Ray Ray and company said as much after the game. Go ahead and keep calling it lucky, I’ll keep calling it a championship, battle-tested quarterback that knows how to take him team downfield and score when it matters most.

    Oh ya, and Harrison WAS getting held all game. Check it out since you like replays so much.

  4. Frank Walker Says:

    :Spits in your face:

  5. Realist Says:

    Game Prediction: Steelers 13 Ravens 9

  6. Lee-Ravens365 Says:

    At least you had bullet points-I blogged (rambled) about a paragraph and gave up.

  7. ravenmaniac Says:

    watch the replays harrison WAS getting held WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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