Ravens Links

Just some links to help tide you over until the Ravens stomp a mudhole in Shitsburgh on Sunday at M&T.

  • Thanks to Nestor over at WNST for pointing us to this video.  It is from NFL.com, and is a great inside look at the Ravens-Redskins game.  Those of you who, like me, really miss “Ravens Wired,” will especially appreciate it.
  • My man Dewey over at Blogimore Ravens lists the “Top 10 Steelers Fans.”  Someday, I hope to be half the blogger that Dewey is.
  • Mike Freeman over at CBSSports says that Ed Reed is not only an NFL MVP candidate this year, but that he is better as a safety than even the great Ronnie Lott.
  • The Ravens are finally getting some respect in the Power Rankings.  They come in at: #7 at ESPN.com, #7 at Sports Illustrated, #7 at Fox Sports, #6 at CBSSports, and #6 at Sporting News.

Steelers-Ravens game preview coming tomorrow at the Nest.


One Response to “Ravens Links”

  1. Dewey Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Minder.

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