Who do you hate more? Steelers or Redskins?

The next 2 weeks of Baltimore football could be 2 of the best ever, perhaps second only to the AFC Championship – Super Bowl wins in early 2001.  Why so much potential?  Well, over the next 12 days, the two teams that the majority of Ravens fans absolutely HATE the most are not only on B’More’s schedule back-to-back, but they are both coming here, to Charm City, to get their asses handed to them in consecutive games.

On top of that, the Ravens could land a brutal 1-2 punch to “Warshington” and “Pissburgh.”  A win over the 7-5 Redskins this week will pretty much end their playoff hopes in the NFC.  Then, if the Dallas Cowboys can do us a solid and take out the Steelers prior to Ravens-Skins kickoff this Sunday, then the aforementioned Ravens win will set up what will in all liklihood be the defining game of the AFC North in 2008, when Baby Ben & Co. come to town on December 14 and both teams sport equal 9-4 records.

Not much could be better for us football fans here in B’More than knocking the Skins out of the playoff picture, then taking first place from the Squealers all in the span of 8 glorious days.

Sure, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but as fans, that’s pretty much our M.O. A scenario this sweet may literally never come around again, so we need to take the time to savor it.

It begs the question, though, which team do you hate more?  The Redskins or the Steelers?  I decided to break down the hate into 4 categories and give scores to figure out the answer, at least for one Ravens fan.

Steelers vs. Redskins: The Hating Game

Category 1: Past History

The football history between Baltimore and Washington goes back to well before the Ravens were around, so I thought it best to break history into 2 categories.  This first history lesson begins back when the Baltimore Colts were still the darlings of Charm City.  Any Colts fan who was forced to work in an area of the great state of Maryland that was heavy with ‘Skins fans was subject to endless ribbing, especially in the later years when our Horseshoes absolutely stunk.  Now, I wasn’t around for any of this, but the men in my family were, and as a result I was raised with a deep hatred of all things burgundy.  I was around, however, in the ensuing years when Baltimore was devoid of an NFL franchise (I have the Baltimore Stallions CFL Championship T-Shirt to prove it), and NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, and basically anybody living south of Anne Arundel County thought that I and all other Baltimore-area football fans should just get over it and adopt the team with the closest geography, the damn Redskins.  The problem was, anyone who was originally a Colts fan, or who was raised by someone who was, would have rather taken a swim in the disgustingly polluted Anacostia River.  No way we were ever going to be caught dead cheering for the Redskins.

Adding to my own personal hatred was that one of the teachers in my elementary school, a woman who was loud and obnoxious by nature, was even more loud and obnoxious when it came to professing her love of her dear “Ray-ed skiyuns.” It was an annoyance that had my pre-pubescent self hating her long before I had the great fortune of having her as MY teacher the year the “Ray-ed skiyuns” last won a Super Bowl, 1992.  As evidence, I can probably name more players from that team than from any other early-90’s era Super Bowl Champion (Gary Clark, Mark Rypien, Gary Sanders, Darryl Green…ugh, STUPID BUFFALO BILLS!)  It doesn’t take much to get a 9-year-old boy to hate something, and this Redskin hate was now something that would be engrained for life.

As far as the Steelers back in the day, I was told that “they used to kick our asses,” all the time, but for the most part, Baltimoreans didn’t carry over any Steeler-hating from our old team to our new one.  (If any of you disagree, please, let me know in the comments).


Category 2: Recent History

Redskins-Ravens is quite a bare history, actually.  The two teams have played only 3 times, with the Ravens winning in 1997 and 2004, and the ‘Skins beating the eventual Super Bowl Champs in 2000.  As a matter of fact, due to odd scheduling idiosyncrasies, this is the VERY FIRST time Washington will make their shortest-possible road trip for a (real) game against the Ravens, making them the final NFL team to play the purple-and-black here.  Weird.

Do we really even need to go over recent Steeler history?  Baltimore-Pittsburgh has evolved into one of the fiercest rivalries in the league over the past decade, but especially since the latest realignment made them half of the AFC North.  While the Bengals are always the Bungles except for a glimmer of hope here and there, and the new edition of the Cleveland Browns can’t get a firm grip on anything, it’s been up to the Ravens and Steelers to keep the division respectable.  Either B’More or ‘Burgh has won the division in 5 of the 6 years it has been in existence, and this year will obviously see more of the same.  The two teams are constantly in the top 5 defenses in the league.  Pittsburgh denied the Ravens a chance to defend their Super Bowl title, outing them in the Divisional Round in 2001.  Since 2003, the season series has been the ultimate back-and-forth, with the Ravens winning 6 to the Steelers 5, with the only sweep over that time coming in 2006, when the Ravens throttled Pittsburgh 27-0, and 31-7.  There is absolutely no love lost between these division rivals.


Category 3: Team Itself

I don’t know about you, but I really can’t say I HATE anybody on the 2008 Redskins.  Hell, I can probably only name as many of them as I could of that ’92 Super Bowl squad.  Clinton Portis cracks me up on those “Eastern Motors” commercials, Jason Campbell seems like a nice enough guy, and Jim Zorn makes me giggle with his 2nd-grader’s haircut and stupid “hip-hip-horray” chants.  I guess I hate that they signed DeAngelo Hall and we didn’t.  I definitely hate the egg they laid against the Steelers a few weeks back.

Do I hate the Steelers’ personnel?  Wow, who don’t I hate?  My hate of all things Baby Ben Roethlisberger, from his big, dumb, meathead personality to his drama queen “I’m soooo hurt, but watch me play anyway” act to football announcers fawning all over him on a first-name basis like he is their own son is the stuff of legend.  Of course there is Hines “Cheap Shot” Ward, who would probably tackle me as I looked at the screen typing this if given the chance, and who is hated pretty much universally throughout the league.  Troy Polamalu, bouncing around like a little sprite, makes my blood boil, especially when people are dumb enough to try to compare him to Ed Reed.  I hate Santonio Holmes for stealing from his grandmother.  I hate Dick LeBeau for not going off to be a head coach somewhere (again).  I hate Mike Tomlin for inheriting a really good team and acting like he has something to do with it.  Former Coach Bill “Spittle” Cowher was always incredibly easy to hate, and if reports surrounding the Cleveland Browns are accurate, we may soon get another chance.  I hated Jerome Bettis (did you know he was from Detroit?). I hated Joey Porter.  I hate them all the way to their stupid, gay mascot.


Category 4: Fans

While the Washington team may not be that easy to hate, that certainly does not go for their fans, whom I can think of several reasons to despise.  Many Redskins fans live in the affluent suburbs of D.C., and look down their noses at Ravens’ fans, whom they see as blue-collar, beer-swilling hillbillies.  Note that I said “many,” not “all,” but I’m sorry, when I think of a Redskins “tailgate party,” I think of red wine, cheese, and caviar.  Of course, I could be wrong (Ed: Thanks to Chop for finding that video for us).  Also, there is this:  Many, many ‘Skins fans are our kindred spirits during the Summer months, our brothers and sisters in the misery that has become the Baltimore Orioles.  But then, once the leaves turn, we go our separate ways as they shun B’More’s football team.  To me, that’s unacceptable.  Either you are a Baltimore (Orioles AND Ravens) fan, or you aren’t.  Sure, you didn’t have a team for a long time and we let you borrow ours.  Fine.  But now that Peter Angelos has failed in his bid to keep the MLB out of D.C. (like Cooke before him trying to keep the NFL from Baltimore – hey, maybe our hate would be better directed to rich white men in general, but that’s another can of worms), if you want to root for the Redskins, you get the Nationals and that’s that.  Keep your damn Clinton Portis jerseys the hell out of Oriole Park.

As for Steeler fans, there isn’t a group of people on this earth on whom I would more willingly wish a collective non-anesthesia aided root canal.  They are truly the cockroaches of the sports world.  “Oooooh, they travel soooo well,” the stupid ass announcers tell us as we watch another stadium become inexplicably swamped by ugly piss-yellow retard rags.  Apparently, as we have gone over here before, all it takes is for your entire city to lose their jobs just as the football team is really good to produce a national infestation of ‘yins (You blew your chance, Detroit Lions. Hard.)

And is it just me, or do there seem to be even MORE of these towel-waving idiots since the refs Steelers won Super Bowl XL?  The networks gladly bow to their mind-bogglingly large fan base, shoving Pissburgh games down our throats with Nationally-broadcast games at a rate rivaled only by the Dallas Cowboys.   Steeler fans seem to think it is their birth right to win not only the division every single year, but the conference and Super Bowl as well.  Read any message board and marvel at the shock and outrage spewing from Squealer fans at anybody who dare say their team isn’t the absolute best.  Man, I can’t wait for another towel-burning festival in the parking lot after the Ravens stomp them on the 14th…


Well, there you have it.  According to the ratings, I have to say that I hate the Steelers more.  Please, share your thoughts in the comments.  Do you hate the Steelers more too?  Or are you still too bitter about being told you should be a ‘Skins fan to let it go?  Or, do you just think I need some anger-management therapy?


57 Responses to “Who do you hate more? Steelers or Redskins?”

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  2. JUICE Says:

    Steelers for sure, the whole team, their fans, their stupid ketchup that i refuse to buy, their crappy city. I dont think I could actually hate the Deadskins. They’re more like that less talented older brother. Its a love hate relationship.

  3. 'Skins>>>>>>>>Gayvens Says:

    haha, she was so pissed that video was online, i took the liberty of digging it back up from a non-youtube video http://kissingsuzykolber.uproxx.com/2008/10/when-leg-dropping-a-table-on-asphalt-goes-wrong.html

    you purple camo-toed bitches are going doooooown sunday!!!!

    p.s.-skins/o’s fans are obvi the coooooolest

  4. Biased Guy Says:

    1000 fingers to those piss yellow, rag-waving, “look at our big, stupid, dumbass quarterback”, with the big shit stain on his face, and don’t forget “OH LOOK, the play is on the other side of the field and it’s over, so I can cheap shot this poor guy who’s not looking” Hiney Ward, and all the Pissburg mfers. The video is just too funny.

  5. Realist Says:

    I can think of plenty of reason to hate the Redskins. Everyone of their fans is obnoxious in my opinion, we could finish ahead of them every year and all that they bring up is, “how many superbowl rings?” as they stumble over themselves in a drunken stupor.

  6. Lee from ravens365 Says:

    I don’t even know where to begin. My first will be this story. My company has a box at Fedex so I have to go from time to time. Walking into the stadium one time I saw a family “tailgating”. They had a tablecloth, wine glasses, steaks and real napkins. It took everything I had to not go into a blind rage. I have mellowed to the Skins as a team b/c as like you, I really don’t hate anyone on the roster. Their fans-different story. The Steelers bring about a well rounded hatred. There isn’t one thing you can appreciate about this franchise. The stupid ketchup stadium, ridiculous mascot, inbred fans, the towels, the fans who’s only comeback to any discussion is “because we won four SB’s in the 70’s-that’s why”…I could go on forever.

  7. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    I used to work and hang out in Annapolis all the time when I was around 18-22, so I was surrounded by Redskins fans and they were actually pretty cool to me. We got along great and I was the only one at cheering in Annapolis during the 04 Sunday Night game. I have family that are Skins fans and we have a deal, when the Skins play Dallas I root for WASH, and when the Ravens play Pittsburgh they root for Baltimore.

    Pittsburgh is a WHOLE different story. This chick I used to date is a HUGE Steelers fans, her and her entire family. I went to their house when their entire family was in MD in 2003, that was the debut and eventual ass kicking of the Boller led Ravens in the Ketcup Bottle. They ragged on me, stood up and waved those gay little towels, and shoved the 1970s Steelers down my throat. Well, the Ravens got their asses stomped. The week the Ravens clinched the division in 03, the tradition of the McNelly Brothers attending the Ravens/Steelers game began (5 game winning streak and we’ll be there in 2 weeks) and we won by a field goal. Ironaclly, we broke up a couple of days before the game, which was on Sunday Night. Monday after the game, the Ravens won by a field goal in OT if you remeber, she came in my work with her douchy new boyfriend and I had on my 03 AFC North Division Championship gear and stood at the front of the store where she could see me. SUCKA!

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  9. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    This world needs less hate and a whole lotta love.

  10. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco Says:

    Definitely the Steelers. I agree that the Redskins are more of a less-talented older brother that you end up feeling more pity, than anger, towards. Having lived in Pittsburgh for a year, the drama surrounding “Ben” (as the announcers refer to him) was enough to make me hate them forever. It was the year he was in the motorcycle accident and had appendicitis, and the way the local news and people acted was ridiculous. I swear I even saw some lumberjacks crying. And I even once met a Penguin (from Batman) look-a-like in a bar that tried to tell me how great the Steelers are. Their fans are annoying, inexplicably unattractive, and they’re obviously morons.

  11. Chestfinder Says:

    Nestminder.. All history is in the past.

  12. debum Says:

    I learned something new from “The Fan” (105.7) on the radio this morning. Apparently, as legend has it, we acquired the Baltimore Colts, who were then known as the Dallas Texans, in the mid-50’s. Even back then, Washington tried their hardest to keep Baltimore from acquiring a team. So, just in case anyone needs any more hate ammo, there you have it!

  13. Inferiority Complex Says:

    stop living in the past, get over it, you got your team, any owner would obviously want to protect his business and keep competing teams out of their market

  14. Glenn Clark Says:

    I hate NOTHING as much as I hate the Redskins. They represent everything that’s piss poor about sports. Their fans are transient, they don’t root for the other teams in their city, they have a bloated sense of self-worth, their stadium is possibly THE WORST in the NFL; and their city is dreadful to be in. They always remind us about “3 Super Bowls”, but try to ignore that in 72 years of NFL History, they have won 5 titles. Baltimore has had NFL football for 45 years and won 4 titles. They want to pretend like that isn’t a fact. And worst of all, they think I care that they don’t see us as “rivals.” I don’t want to be your rival, I despise your existence. I really just wish you’d go away. The Steelers are a rival (thank you to the Cleveland Browns for being irrelevant), and I hate them. But part of the concept of rivals is “separate but equal.” You hate your rivals, but you respect them as peers. I don’t respect the Redskins, and I don’t want them as a rival. I just want their wine-drinking fans and snotty owner to disappear. Forever.

  15. Snoody McSnoodertin Says:

    i drink wine out of a box, i hope we can be friends

  16. NestMinder Says:

    I prefer to take it out of the box and carry the bag around…I think we can find common ground, Snoody.

  17. NestMinder Says:

    Glenn, you just laid the burgundy smack down. I feel for you for having had to be around so many of them when you went to CP. Thanks for the input!

  18. WebethugginRavens#1 Says:

    Yo, Ravens be trippin all out on those Steelers. So what ifthey won more games in M & T versus us (6 to 5). We be killin em like Ray Ray in 1999.

  19. jwills Says:

    I see it this way. I hate the Redskins’ front office. I find their players and fans obnoxious, but I don’t hate them, not anymore. YThey aren’t really relevant. The real animosity left with the Colts. But the Steelers? I hate EVERY SINGLE motherfuckin’ person (fans, players, office workers, janitors, etc.) even vaguely associated with Shittsburgh (which includes my great gramma, btw). Fuck them in their retarded assholes.

  20. WebethugginRavens#1 Says:

    Yoou tell em Jwills! Ain’t no cracker-lovin Pittsburgh Steeler peeps be playin up on our thugs! Heck T-Sizzle be smackin em upaide the head with that brick he got arrested with at ASU yo. We be thuggin and bugin all day! Go Ravens!!

  21. NestMinder Says:

    Actually, Thuggin, M&T Opened in 1998 – Pit won the first 5 vs. the Ravens there, the Ravens have won the last 5 (2003-2007).

  22. WebethugginRavens#1 Says:

    My bad, Nestminder. I just remember havin a 21-0 lead before Kordell brought them back.

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  24. 5SBS Says:

    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls
    It was 5 superbowls

  25. NestMinder Says:

    Man, you sure got that “Ctrl-V” combo down, don’t ya 5SBS?

    What was 5 super bowls? 5 middle fingers to your 5 super bowls.

    Are we talking about the Skins or Steelers?

    As far as Im concerned, Ravens and Steelers are tied at 1 SB each – thats how many each team has won: 1 – since the Ravens have been in the league, and 2 – since I’ve been alive. Hell, the Skins have won 0 since the Ravens came around. Advantage: B’More.

    Keep hiding behind that 70’s mutton-chop (or 80’s hair band) glory.

  26. Weirddave Says:

    Dude, Baltimore collected it’s 5th NFL championship 5 years before Shitsburgh sniffed theirs. Give it up.

  27. WebethugginRavens#1 Says:

    Steelers fans are trippin…the ravens gonna be bringin that thug passion on Sunday at Bart Scott, T-Sizzle and Ray Ray be steppin all up in yo faces. So what if Pittsburgh owns a 16-10 all time series edge and has 5 times as many Super Bowls. So waht if Ray Ray killed two people and T-Sizzle smacked some dude with a brick. We be bringin it in our house!!!!

  28. Baltimoron Says:

    Seems to me the hatin’ should be headed Indy’s way. Keep it up Baltimore Browns cause your a$$ is gonna get handed to ya on Sunday. Hardy-har.


  29. DBaby Says:

    Thuggin, I guess you’re takin that “thug life” thing seriously, seeing as how you’re obviously not even educated enough to count, let alone multiply – see WeirdDave’s comment right above yours.

    I hope Sizzle smashes a brick on Hiney’s face as Ray simultaneously stabs him in the neck and Bart pours that hot sauce all over his mom.

  30. Mike Says:

    It’s OK to be jealous of the Steelers. Just let it all out my angry friend.

  31. Rose Ferraro Says:

    SO funny! Murderers and bounty Hunting isn’t part of football! Hard hitting is. SMILE HINE AND GET SOME FINES THe Ratbirds are going down!

  32. Eric Says:

    Someone’s a little pissy his team’s best achievement is ONE Super Bowl won with a mediocre (at best) offense. Or is it jealousy that the Steelers’ are the most popular and best nationally supported (by fans) team in all of NFL? Or is it that both Redskins and Steelers have a 76-year history in their respective cities while the Colts left Baltimore disgruntled for several years?… until the team formerly known as the Cleveland Browns came to town. Never forget your roots, Baltimore!

  33. Dbaby Says:

    Yeah, thats it. I’m jealous of millions of bandwagon jumpers. I’m jealous that you had a team for 76 years….and won 5 super bowls. Too bad BALTIMORE FOOTBALL has won just as many NFL Championships + Super Bowls in about 30 less years of existence!

  34. The White Boom Boom Says:

    Troy-63 tackles, 7 interceptions
    Ed Reed-29 tackles, 5 interceptions

    You’re right, no one should be comparing them.

  35. Dbaby Says:

    Moron…Strong safeties make more tackles than free safeties. Big surprise. Also, Ravens lead the league in TOP…so less chances to make tackles because the offense is on the field.

    Ed Reed – 2 touchdowns, 1 forced fumble
    Troy – 1 pretend touchdown

    Give it 3 more games…Ed will pass that geico caveman in INTs too

  36. SteelerstakeoverMD Says:

    Dbaby, If I were a Ratbird fan I too would hate the Steelers because they have won 6 division titles since the Ravens came about in 1996. They also hold a 16-10 edge in head-to-head competition including a blowout playfoff win. Plus a barely 200 pound receiver has been decleating your thugs on defense (Barf Scott and Ed “Weed Smokin” Reed). What is not to hate? Steelers fan do not share the animosity as they consistently are used to winning division titles and Baltimore is the usual 10-6 then 5-11, 9-7 and then 4-12. Develop some consistency (like in 2000 & 2001) and people will take you seriously. If not just keep on hating the Steeler nation; we love it. Get used to seeing us in MD because we are making Maryland Pittsburgh and even filling up, more and more, M & T Bank (AKA Murderers and Thugs Stadium.

  37. Pimanti Bros tastes like cleveland steamer Says:

    Actually, their names are Bart “I love hearing the air fly out of your lifeless quarterback’s body” Scott, and Ed “Here Troy, hold my jock strap…oh, I see you dropped it; guess you can’t” Reed.

  38. #1 sHiTsBerG fAn Says:

    dA dBaBy yUo tALk OvEr HeEds wItH aLl yOuR fAnCy FoOtbAlL tAlK wHat tHe HeCk iS tOp wHeRe iS MY sIsErWiFe tHeRE sHeiS mAKing lOvE tO mY sOn hIs nAme iS StEeLErStAKeoVeRMD

  39. SteelerstakeoverMD Says:

    thats odd seeing as Baltimore city schools are worse than most even in Mississippi that you insultWest Pa. intelligence. I would rather be a Burgher than a ebonics-speaking thug from Thugamore.

  40. #1 sHiTsBerG fAn Says:

    wHat You tAlkIng AbOut sOn We aRe FrOm wEst Pa

  41. Big Richard Hertz Says:

    Pittsburgh doesn’t NEED to hate anyone. We have a TEAM we love. When the Ravens move out, who will Balmore’s NEXT team be? Third time’s the charm.

  42. Butchie Boy Says:

    Gee. My brother and sister went to school with Bill Cowher; he grew up a few blocks away. One of my classmates ended up married to Andy Russell. Chuck Noll’s old house is across the street from my current home. Guess those things happen in a town that can keep a franchise and local owners. I hope that B’more can have a legacy like the Steelers, some day. It would be nice for such a challenged town to be able to be proud about… something.

  43. nice snap harrison Says:

    Yeah, they keep it close up there in western PA. A little “too” close, some of us non-inbreds would say.

  44. NestMinder Says:

    Thats a nice story Butchie Boy. It’s not those actual Pittsburghers that we have beef with. Its those “Steelers fans” who have:

    1.Never lived in PGH
    2.Never set foot there
    3.Probably couldn’t find it on a map

    That just happened to jump on the black and gold bandwagon for no reason, and now think they are a part of some “steeler nation” BS.

    Also, those that left the burgh, but still cheer for the team. If you have no loyalty to your city, how can you have loyalty to the team?

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  46. DEFENSE = RAVENS Says:

    When Deadskins fans say Ravens Suck there reasoning is usally “well duuhh they lost to the Dolphins.” When Squealers fans say Ravens Suck there reason actullay is somewhat educated for example “we have head to head” or “we won the divison the last two years.” They’re better then the Deadskins responses. Besides having yellow hankey isn’t as bad as dreesing up as a pig.

  47. JustWait92 Says:

    Fans suck, players do too!

  48. Skins fan Says:

    The Ravens wish they could be like the Redskins we have 3 SB wins and they only have one and the only reason they won it was because it was a down year in the NFL. They can’t dispute it it’s just a fact. By the way there is a rumor that Steve Bischotti is going to hire Vinny Cerrato.

  49. NestMinder Says:

    @Skins Fan

    You sir, are a moron.

    Have fun with Shanatan. Better hope the guy who drafted Maurice Clarett brings John Elway out of retirement with him, otherwise, its another new coach in 2012!

  50. Skins fan Says:

    I want to apologize for my brother he was obviously drunk when he wrote that. I don’t hate the Ravens I actually respect them because they have a great FO. I hope now that we have Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan will will be back where we belong as one of the best teams in the NFL. As for Vinny Cerrato the only NFL team he should work for is the Cowboys they deserve each other.

  51. steepens Says:

    There’s a reason why the Ravens hate the Steelers, isn’t it obvious?! ‘Cause they kick your a$es when Ben plays. The last 2 wins have been by 4 and 3 points, and with Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch playing QB. You mean you almost lost to those guys?? If the Ravens were that good, they should have blown the Steelers out. But no, with Ben sitting, they sqeaked out victories in the last minute of play. That really sounds dominating, I’ll tell ya. Three-peat baby in ’08! Ben owns you guys, and the squealy little cheerleaders named Lewis and Reed. Have fun being mediocre, like always. The Steelers will win the division this year, guaranteed… there’s no other competition in the North.

  52. NestMinder Says:

    Last time the rapist played, the Steelers won by…3 points. Two times before that? 4 points. Keep running your mouth, though, the law of averages dictates that eventually you’ll say something that makes a modicum of sense.

    Star gazer.

  53. Matt Says:

    I never answered this question. I perfer the Redskins. I have a lot of poor misguided friends who are Redskins fans. And the Redskins haven’t been relevant in 20 years. Now Steelers fans… Most Steelers fans think football was invented in the 1970’s and are God’s gift to the NFL. You wonder why nobody mentions pre 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers because the team sucked. I am talking Matt Millen era Detroit Lions sucked. Also their fans are the most whiny spoiled brats on the planet. We didn’t have Ben, We didn’t have Troy. It’s Neil O’Donnell fault waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. We would have won those two AFC Championships if Bill Belichick didn’t video tape the sidelines. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. So in conclusion the Pittsburgh Steelers and their bandwagoning french fries stuffing cousin fucking fanbase can jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge.

  54. HarminnieLuvRavs! Says:

    I hate both Stealers and Deadskins! I had 2 mean b#$ches who love the Deadskins, and my Fking ex-crush (I still like him little bit) is wayyy too obsess with Deadskins. His family is Ravens haters and I like the Ravens, so i started to hate his 2 mean little sis (cuz they act like b*&ches)! 1 of his sis view me like i’m a retarded and 1 of them means to me. He also reject me too, cuz he probably thought that am retard, nerdy, and b*$ch. My life is really suck cuz them! 😥

  55. Ryan Says:

    I like how people call redskins the “deadskins” as if it is some real stinger because they cant think of anything better to say. I like even more how these dumbass imbred ravens fans cal us snooty and rich, just because we have an IQ over 57 and aren’t married to our sister doesn’t mean were snooty. ” Deadskins fans are obnoxious” No its only when these annoying dumbshits act like there is a rivalry between redskins and the ravens and talk shit then we talk shit back and then you get pissy and call all fans obnoxious. Personally i don’t hate the ravens, just their hick ass fans.

  56. Rukahs Says:

    I was born and raised in B’more. However the bitchass colts left the year I was born so fuck the colts. Grew up a Redskin fan, no Carolina, no Ravens just Pissburg or Redskins. No way in hell am I repping PA im from MD. Thats like rooting for another High School uve never been to or seen. Why would I do that? There is NO rivalry between B’more n D.C. My 12 year old son is a huge Ravens fan and we will joke when we play in preseason but thats preseason people. Just cuz we share a beltway doesn’t make us rivals.

  57. NestMinder Says:

    I didn’t say they’re rivals, I said I hate them. Watching the Redskins lose is almost as pleasurable watching the Steelers lose, that’s the point.

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