Fan Preview: What to Expect with the Eagles in Town

As we all have heard through the media over our lifetime, our neighbors to the northeast are awfully prone to “jeering” over “cheering” at sporting events.  Well, unless things go terribly wrong for their opponents, like when they cheered when Michael Irvin broke his neck.  But generally speaking, Philly fans love to boo.  They boo santa, they boo our vice presidential candidates, and even the vice president-elect.

Needless to say, we know what to expect this weekend.  There will be a decent size Philly fan base at M&T, and as the Eagles, coming off one of the worst showings in history, enter the stadium, you can even expect the Eagles fans to boo their own as they come out of the tunnel.

Here at the Nest we’ve decided to help prepare you mentally for what you’re going to see on Sunday…

Eagles Fans Boo Donovan and Family

Eagles Fan boos Kitten

Eagles Fan boos cute Baby

Eagles Fan boos Disciples

We encourage those who have additional Eagles Fans pics to submit them… hopefully they’ll leave the game booing as well.


2 Responses to “Fan Preview: What to Expect with the Eagles in Town”

  1. Chestfinder Says:

    They’ll leave Boo Hooing. Babies.

  2. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    philly fans suck, they are the biggest crybaby’s of all, I’m gonna expand on this tomarrow as Eagles fans will be my Jackass(es) of the Week

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