O's Make Uniform Changes

Hey, some Orioles news for ya!

No, they didn’t sign Burnett or Teixeira….yet.  But they are at least giving us a little offseason excitement, in the form of logo/uniform changes.  There is a rally at Noon today down at Harborplace to unveil the new stuff…anybody going?

Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun, here is the new “Bird” that will be on the O’s hats.


Uhh…what the hell is the point?  They actually paid people to sit in a room to come up with…that?  A bird that is now perched on nothing as opposed to standing on nothing?  Awesome.  Hopefully the new road jerseys, which feature “Baltimore” across the front, will be less of a disappointment.  We’ll try to get pictures of those up as soon as they become available (we couldn’t get off work for the rally).

Update: Here are the new jerseys, courtesy of MLB.com.


Looks great.  I like the MD logo on the sleves, for sure.  Now let’s go out and get some good players to wear them, huh?


One Response to “O's Make Uniform Changes”

  1. JUICE Says:

    im not an O’s fan but i might buy one of the road jerseys. as for the logo i think the new one looks alot better but i agree with you on the feet that looks dumb. and i may not be an O’s fan but i love when baltimore teams come down here and everyone who’s from maryland yells “O!” during the national anthem and no one knows what the hell that was about. i love it.

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