Way To Go, Skins….And Skins Fans

Thanks to the Redskins’ epic shitting of the bed on Monday Night Football, the Ravens are not tied for first place in the AFC North today.  The team and their fan base should both be equally embarassed for their respective performances.

The team for failing to put the game away early, when the Steelers were trying to gift-wrap it for them.  Four of the Skins’ first five drives ended in Burgh territory, and they came away with 6 freakin points.  That, along with some scrub CB of theirs dropping a sure pick-6 from Worthlessberger, set the tone for the rest of the game.

The fans for allowing those retard rag-waving, inbred mountain folk to invade their stadium on National Television.  A casual fan tuning in would have had no idea the game was being played in Washington.  Sure, they show up in B’More, but NEVER like that.  Disgusting.

However, two good things did come from that game.

1.  The Skins, after laying a turd like that at home to a contending team, quite possibly exposed themselves as “pretenders.”

2.  Some idiot fan put his grill in the trunk of his car, hot coals and all, after tailgating to go into the stadium – and burned 7 or 8 cars to the ground.  Cars belonging to fans of BOTH franchises we hate most.

The night was not a total loss.

From WJZ:

Fire Damages Vehicles At FedEx Field

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) ― Prince George’s County authorities say a fire damaged nearly a dozen cars at the FedEx Field parking lot during the Washington Redskins game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maj. Dennis Wood, a spokesman for the county fire department, says 20 firefighters battled flames Monday night. Someone placed a grill full of hot charcoal in the trunk of a car before going into the stadium, igniting the blaze.

Authorities say the fire destroyed eight vehicles and damaged one or two others. Damage was estimated at about $150,000.

The burned cars belonged to both Redskins and Steelers fans.


7 Responses to “Way To Go, Skins….And Skins Fans”

  1. FootballFan Says:

    As much as you may hate to do it, you have to give the Steelers defense credit. That defense came out strong and never let up. Although the Steelers win cost the Ravens a share of the division lead, it was definitely a statement that the NFC East may be a bit overhyped. The Redskins, a team who beat both the Cowboys and Eagles on the road, got hit in the mouth hard by an AFC North team. Tha Ravens D is just as punishing and could take some notes from this contest.

  2. Canwe Doit Says:

    yeah but, the redskins beat the eagles who beat the steelers who beat the browns who beat the giants who beat the redskins. What does that really say about anyone?

  3. NestMinder Says:

    You just blew my mind

  4. Matchz Malone Says:

    look I dislike the steelers and redskins as much as the next guy. But a fire like that is nothing to laugh about….

  5. Canwe Doit Says:

    Good Call “Matchz” It was probably you.

  6. NestMinder Says:

    hahaha….I won’t stand for my readers accusing each other of arson.

  7. FootballFan Says:

    I agree with the “Any Given Sunday” idea there ‘Canwe Doit’, but how do you think coaches and players prepare for games? Everyone watches a ton of film, and wouldn’t you agree that the Ravens could steal a page from the Steelers beatdown of the Skins?

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