Terrell Suggs – As Dumb as he is Ugly?

Another week, another member of the Ravens sticks their foot in their mouth.  Last week, it was Head Coach John Harbaugh, who made what could be considered an innocent gaffe.  This week, T-Sizzle has been VERY busy flapping off at the mouth, and has had much more potentially damaging things to say.

First off, I need to say that I’ve always liked Suggs; he seems like a good guy who is amicable to both media and fans.  His candor may have crossed a line this week though.

1)  First (first in this post anyway – I don’t know the order of events on the “Terrell Timeline”), Suggs was quoted as saying that, although he thinks Joe Flacco should get “some playing time,” he thinks “Troy should be the starter.”  WTF?!  We won’t even get into how dumb Suggs (and everybody else who agrees with him) has to be to think Troy Smith would be better than Flacco now, next week, next year, or next decade.  What the hell ever happened to shutting up and doing your job?  What does Terrell Suggs know about quarterback talent?  The only QB’s he should be worrying about are the ones he is getting paid to sack:  JaMarcus Russell this week, Derek Anderon next week, Matt Schaub after that.  The Ravens have plenty of coaches they are paying to make these decisions, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit if those coaches fined Suggs for “conduct detrimental to the team,” or something similar.

2)  On the same show, Suggs said that the Ravens have a bounty on Squealers WR Hines Ward.  For starters, EVERY TEAM IN THE NFL SHOULD HAVE A BOUNTY ON WARD.  He is a cheap shot artist and I’m not sure how he doesn’t get dealt with every week at this point.  But for Suggs to come out and say that basically ensures that it will never happen, AND, since the NFL doesn’t take that kind of stupid crap lightly, if some Raven does happen to get anything close to a good shot on Ward, they can expect a penalty, a fine, and likely a suspension.  We hope to be in the thick of a playoff hunt when the Steelers come to B’More, so thats just what the team will need, right?

On top of Suggs being a complete moron this week, there is the ever-evolving drama with Chris McAlister.  C-Mac, who of course did not start Sunday, is rumored to be getting punished by the team for some type of infraction last week leading up to the Miami game.  Coach Harbaugh denies this, and basically tells us that McAlister didn’t start because Frank Walker is playing better than him right now?

Excuse me?

Coach, all due respect, but we aren’t TOTAL dipshits here in Charm City.  We have watched McAlister his entire career, and we see the difference he makes when he is in the lineup (see: 2007 vs. 2008 defense).  Don’t insult our intelligence by telling us FRANK EFFING WALKER is starting over C-Mac for performance-only reasons.  Be honest, tell us there is an in-house disciplinary issue that you are dealing with, and let’s all move on.  This Belichick-esque doo doo isn’t going to fly around here.

Unfortunately, all of this extracurricular mess is overshadowing what we should be talking about this week, which is that the Ravens ended their 7-game road losing streak and the next 3 teams on the schedule have a combined record of 5-13.

The Oakland Raiders are up on Sunday – look for the full game preview here at the Nest later this week.

Oh yeah…Congrats to Suggs for winning the AFC Defensive Player of the Week.


4 Responses to “Terrell Suggs – As Dumb as he is Ugly?”

  1. Steve Ravens 365 Says:

    Oh Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle….what are we going to do with you, I like the swager of the Ravens defense and yes, Hines does deserve a bounty, but saying Smith over Flacco will cause decention in the ranks

    I will stomach hearing Anita Marks to hear more

  2. Shmaiken Says:

    My favorite part of Suggs’ interview was how he described Ward’s play as, “it be cheap.” What a moron. Has Mr. Suggs ever opened a book in his life or bothered to learn the English language? Let’s put something to rest here. The reason Sluggs and the rest of the Baltimoron defense gets their panties in a bunch about Ward’s style of play is because when Hines’ lays out one of these “big tough guys,” it hurts their pride. And since these sissy’s have such fragile egos, they label it dirty play instead of sucking it up and taking their beating like a man.

  3. Lee Says:

    For the C-Mac deal-I thought we were finished with coaches who though they were smarter than everyone else. Walker is a disaster.

  4. B-More Birds’ Nest: Baltimore’s Best Ravens and Orioles Blog » Blog Archive » Squealers 23 Ravens 14 (The THAT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED Game) Says:

    […] Steeler fans can’t stop bringing up bounties that probably never even really existed, we’ll respond in […]

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