Polamalu Uses Pansy-Voice to Call Fines on Squealers "Pansy"-Like

According to this story on ESPN.com, Troy Polamalu has been whining about all the fines that Steelers players have been getting lately due to dirty play questionable rulings.  (One of the fines in question was for a play in the Ravens-Steelers Monday night game this year, although the NFL hasn’t really said which play.  Hiney has had it coming for years anyway, and there were probably several instances where he hit a guy who wasn’t looking when the play was over, or at least on the other side of the field.)

Unfortunately (and a bit ironically), nobody in the room could hear Troy, because he sounds like a 6-year old girl (or pansy boy) when he talks.


5 Responses to “Polamalu Uses Pansy-Voice to Call Fines on Squealers "Pansy"-Like”

  1. Ravers Says:

    His voice sounds like Michael Jackson’s.

  2. Ravens Suck Says:

    ravens suck
    steelers own them
    hines ward will lay out terrel suggs cuz hes soft
    and troypa will use his “pansy” voice to celebrate after takin a pick to the house

  3. Ravens Suck Says:

    put a bounty on that

  4. Steelers Blow Says:

    Ya huh. Keep dreamin fool. Whens the last time the Squealers won in B’More? Yeah, thats what I thought…

  5. Sus U Sux Too Says:

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 35
    Susquehanna U 14

    bwa hahahaha

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