Colts 31 Ravens 3 (The PEYTON STILL OWNS US Game)

Good Lord, WTF was that?

For all the good that the 2008 Ravens had shown us so far, leading us to believe that beatings like the one witnessed in Indy yesterday were the things of 2007, they showed more bad in 4 quarters yesterday than they had in the 4 games prior. 

Offense?  Non-existent.

Defense?  Torched.

Special Teams?  Especially abyssmal. 

Yep, the Ravens looked eerily similar to last year’s version of the purple-and-black in allowing Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne to run wild all over Lucas Oil Stadium all afternoon.  That “Manning-Face” we had hoped to bear witness to for 3 solid hours?  Only surfaced once, when a would-be 63-yard TD pass at the start of the 4th quarter was called back for an offensive holding penalty, and the Colts were denied making the score 38-3.  Poor Peyton. 

Instead, we were treated to a heavy helping of something that is becoming all too familiar around B’More lately: Flacco-face.  Flacco added 3 more to his interception total on the year, bringing him to 7 to go along with only 1 touchdown to date.  We’d like to talk to Joe for a second:

We Baltimoreans understand now the error of our ways in annointing you the 2nd coming of Johnny U after only 2 games.  We apologize for this extra pressure that we heaped on your shoulders, and for chanting “Let’s Go Flacco” when you are trying to concentrate on your job.  We are sorry, Joe, for all the sudden starting to throw around the “P” word just weeks after 95% of us had zero expectations for this season.  Your performances over the past 2 games have been the cold shower that we all needed, and have reminded us that you are, indeed, a rookie.  Consider our expectations of you sufficiently tempered, and please continue your growth at your own pace. 

It wasn’t all Joe’s fault, of course.  Coming into the game, the Colts had the league’s worst rushing defense, and the Ravens game plan did not seem to reflect that reality.  The team came out and went run, pass, pass (interception).  On the 2nd series, with the game still scoreless:  run, run, pass, punt.  On their 3rd possession (now trailing just 7-0), pass, pass, run, punt.  Seriously, Cam?  What happened to committing to the run?  Unable to get anything going early, the Colts quickly went up 17-0 and snuffed out any chance the Ravens would have at controlling the game by controlling the clock with their running game.  The Colts defense exectuted and the Ravens offense did not. 

The inverse of that was also painfully true.  The Colts, who were the last team to score a TD on the Ravens in the first quarter (last December), started early again on us, taking a 24-0 lead into the half.  The Ravens banged up secondary was no match for Manning, Harrison, and Wayne.  Frank Walker looked just as bad as we all feared he would.  Corey Ivy had another terrible day, not only in coverage but just about every way possible.  Seriously, it seemed like every time something positive would happen for Indy, there was Ivy right in the middle of it, whether it was a 1st-down completion, a flag on the Ravens, or another 12-yard kickoff return by Yamon Figurs. 

And what the hell is up with Figurs?  Brian Billick shows up in Baltimore with a reputation as an Offensive “genius” and proceeds to have terrible offenses for the next 9 seasons.  Now what, John Harbaugh shows up with a pedigree of Special Teams and we’re now going to be God-awful in that department?  So far, it sure looks like thats the case. 

The Ravens gift-wrapped the Colts their first win in their new stadium.  Let’s hope they can regroup from this embarassment (this was CBS Sports’ featured game of the week) and exact some revenge in South Beach next week. 


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