Derrick Mason is Joe Flacco's Security Blankey

Let me preface this by saying that I, too, am Wacko for Flacco.  I’m sold on the guy as the QB of this team.  He doesn’t rattle, is more mobile than anybody expected, and has shown some nice pocket presence in his first 3 games.

But Joe…you have other receivers, man.  On Monday night in Pittsburgh, Flacco completed 10 passes to wide receivers and/or tight ends, and of those, 8 were to Derrick Mason.

Young, and especially rookie, quarterbacks have a tendency to develop these “security blankets.”  Mason has done a great job of filling that role for Flacco in the early going, establishing himself as the guy Joe can look to and be confident in throwing the ball.

We can all agree that Todd Heap hasn’t done anything worthy of gaining Flacco’s trust to this point, dropping 2 balls so far, one that would have been Joe’s first touchdown, and the other a sure-fire first down.

Demetrius Williams had 2 (by my count) balls thrown his way Monday night, a deep pass thrown late by Flacco that required Williams to turn and wait, resulting in an incompletion, and the other for an 8 yard gain.

The only thing Mark Clayton seems to be “receiving” these days are handoffs on those trick plays.  Is he just getting that little separation in his routes that Joe doesn’t even dare fitting the ball in to him?  If thats the case, he needs to step up, and soon, or he is in danger of forever being branded with the “bust” label here in B’More.  Hell, he already gets that from some fans, as I heard one caller on the radio the other day say that he is worse than even the fabled Travis Taylor was at this point in their respective careers.  Ouch.

Mason will want to have another strong game this week against his former team.  The Titans, much like the Steelers, can get after the QB, so the Ravens may again be forced to max-protect much of the time.  But if this offense really wants to get untracked, then Cam Cameron is going to have to figure out a way to get his young unibrowed signal caller to start spreading the ball to some different targets.


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