Early Bye Week, Anybody?

Edit:  So this is the rant I was prepared to write regarding the Ravens-Texans game:

Reliant Stadium was damaged heavily by Hurricane Ike, so the Ravens-Texans game that had been rescheduled for Monday night will not happen as planned.

Surprise, surprise.

Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?  A giant hurricane bearing down on the city, and the NFL’s solution was “we’ll just play a day later.”  Morons.  So when Ike was having none of that, the NFL was left holding their junk in their hands again for not coming up with a better solution.  But did they take advantage of the mulligan Mother Nature granted them and move the game to San Antonio, Atlanta, or somewhere else?  Of course not.  They made another ridiculously retarded decision and just made WEEK TWO become the official bye week for Houston and the Ravens.


So the question is, what is more important to a team?  Your bye week or your slate of 8 guaranteed home games?

I’m trying to look at this from Houston’s point of view as well, and I keep coming to the same conclusion.  If the situation was reversed, and Hurricane Isabel II was preventing the Ravens from playing at M&T, I would still much rather have one of the home games moved to a neutral site than I would be forced to take the bye after only one week of playing.

What do you think, though?  Am I just seeing things through my purple goggles and seeing the advantages the Ravens would gain from not having to play a real “away” game, despite my best efforts to look at things from both sides?

Regardless, here is how things are now set in stone to play out:

Ravens @ Texans, Nov. 9 (Ravens’ originally scheduled Week 10 bye)

The Texans were forced to move their bye to Week 2 as well, and will now play the Bungles on October 26 (Houston’s original bye date).  Cincinnati, as a result, will take their bye in Week 10, instead of their original Week 8 date.

Yeah, thats the best the braintrust over at NFL HQ could come up with.

Suck it, Roger Goodell.

That’s how I feel on a strictly football level.  However, apparently Ike caused a ton of problems in the Houston-Galveston area, including many deaths.  So there are obviously things going on that are much more important than football down there.  In light of that, canceling the game for this weekend was probably the right only move for the NFL to make.  It sucks, but not nearly as much as having your house washed away in a flood sucks.  So we’ll be OK, unlike so many on the Texas Gulf Coast. 


2 Responses to “Early Bye Week, Anybody?”

  1. The Astros Hate the NFL Says:

    Don’t you wish the Ravens got the MLB treatment? Oh you can’t play a home game Houston? We’ll then we’ll just move your scheduled game to a “Neutral” site 90 miles away from the team your playing. That would be like if the NFL moved the Ravens game to Philly and said, we’ll… this is neutral cause neither team plays here normally. Despite the fact it’d still probably be a ton of Eagles fans just being drunk and beligerant.

  2. ok Says:

    ok thanks

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