Boller on IR, Likely Done in B'More

With today’s announcement that Kyle Boller will be placed on injured reserve for the 2008 season, there is a very likely chance that his career in purple is over. Kyle is an unrestricted free agent in 2009, and will probably not be resigned by the Ravens. Nor would the guy have any desire to stay in Baltimore, if he has any sense left at all.

B’More, the city that cheered on national television when he got hurt in the opening game of the 2005 season (embarrassing the entire fan base in the process).

Charm City, we who booed the guy when he threw his first incompletion of the night, after 8 straight completions, in a PRESEASON game.

Yes, it’s pretty safe to say, as of today; Kyle Boller and Baltimore are, for all intents and purposes, divorced.

Most in town are definitely not shedding too many tears over the news, either. Our ugly duckling of a quarterback who just never quite turned into that swan that Ozzie and Brian must have thought he could be after using a 1st round draft pick on him in 2003, is finally leaving the nest. Kyle Boller is a guy that we watched go from a bumbling, stumbling, fumbling rookie to a ….well, a bumbling, stumbling, fumbling veteran. Kyle turned out to be a pretty serviceable backup (one who we may miss severely yet in 2008), but he never matured into a solid NFL quarterback.

You know, I saw somewhere the other day where this guy wrote a book about this phenomenon, which is supposedly sweeping the nation, whereby young men refuse to “grow up” after college. The book is all about these guys who live in this state of perpetual partying, hooking up, and skirting responsibility, a place known as “Guyland.” Perhaps Kyle Boller is just stuck in his own sort of NFL-Guyland. Not growing up, not maturing, and just floating around from day to day doing just what got him by in college.

Maybe his trial by fire as a rookie in 2003 really did stunt his development so severely that he could never recover. Maybe having his coach tell him “Now, just don’t lose the game,” one too many times produced the erratic Kyle Boller that we came to know.

Or, alternatively, maybe Kyle Boller really was just never going to be any good. He was a one year wonder in college at Cal, and his mechanics were always atrocious. That shot-put throwing motion is pretty vomit-worthy, and he never even pretended to look downfield when doing his version of “scrambling.” But hey, we’re not here to kick a guy while he’s down.

Boller will land a job as a backup quarterback on an NFL roster in 2009 – that much is for sure. Hell, look no further than the guys the Ravens have brought in this week for concrete evidence of the dearth of QB talent in the league right now.

But not here.

The best thing for Kyle, the Ravens, and the city of Baltimore, is to turn and walk away.

Good Bye, Mr. Boller. If nothing else, we will definitely always remember you.

Share your favorite (or most aggravating) Kyle Boller memory in comments.

photo: AP – Lenny Ignelzi


4 Responses to “Boller on IR, Likely Done in B'More”

  1. Goob Says:

    There are countless memories of Kyle in my mind and they all involve the “Nest-Minder’s” father Bob, he constantly had his head in the crotch of Kyle Boller and always said he was a “Boll-iever.” I am a Boll-iever that Bob might have just had a man crush on a talentless terd of quarterback and I just hope Bob doesn’t transfer his mancrush on the new quarterback fling of the future (Joe Flacco) because then he will suck and we’ll be in this same spot in 2012. Bob, we should bone chicks, not talentless bums like Kyle Pro Boller

  2. sprizzle Says:

    Hey! At least he isn’t Michael Vick!

  3. Pro-Boller Says:

    He may not be a Pro-Bowler or even a Pro Bowler, and now no one can be Pro-Boller.

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