Bouman, Boller, Harrington, Simms…. Whats the Difference?

Edit #2:  The team has now made it official:  they signed Todd Bouman.  Kyle Boller has been placed on IR, ending his season (and likely his Ravens career).

Despite what ESPN would have you believe, the Ravens did not sign Joey Harrington yesterday. They did work him out, along with Chris Simms and Todd Bouman. Apparently Bouman did the most to impress, as he was inked to a 1-year deal this morning. A lot of people around B’More seem pretty peeved about the signing, which is sort of perplexing to us here at the Nest.

Let’s take a look at the 3 guys’ resumes:

Joey Harrington

College: Oregon
Draft pick: 2002, #3 overall
Professional Teams: Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons
Career Stats:
1424-2538 for 14,693 yds.
79 TD 85 INT
124 Sacks
69.4 Passer Rating
25 fumbles – 9 lost

Harrington has had a couple chances to resurrect his career after being deemed a “bust” by the Detroit Lions. Short stints in Miami and Atlanta were no kinder to Joey, and he is currently unemployed. Our old friend Chris Redman even beat him out for a roster spot in Atlanta. So we’ll give the Ravens an “A+” for passing on “Joey Heisman.” They had no reason to sign a Joey Harrington, unless (as I heard on sports talk radio today), they were also going to sign David Carr – then Carr, Harrington, and Boller could start their own boy band, “The Sacked Sacks.”

Chris Simms
College: Texas
Draft pick: 2003, #97 overall
Professional Teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Career Stats:
291-492 for 3,087 yds
12 TD 17 INT
43 Sacks
71.2 Rating
9 fumbles – 6 lost

Simms has really only had one decent season, and it wasn’t even a full season. He started 2005 2nd on the Bucs’ depth chart, but ended up taking over for Brian Griese and winning some games, leading the team to the playoffs. Then in 2006, the Ravens embarrassed him in week 1 (ah, those were the days) and the Carolina Panthers broke his spleen in week 3. His career has been crap since. Some feel that, without his famous pedigree, he wouldn’t even be in the league, and furthermore, would not have even been the starter at Texas in college. We don’t know anything about that, but what we do know is that we have no desire to see “Simms” on the back of a purple jersey any time soon.

AP- Dick Whipple

Todd Bouman
College: St. Cloud State (yes, really)
Draft Pick: 1997, Undrafted (undrafted?? From St. Cloud St?!?)
Professional Teams: Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams
Career Stats:
129-230 for 1,683 yds
11 TD 11 INT
16 Sacks
75.3 Rating
8 fumbles – 5 lost

Despite being in the league for 11 years, Bouman is the guy that, out of the 3, elicited the most responses of “Who??” Bouman, as evidenced by his stats, is a career backup, usually having been signed (just as he was in B’More) to be a sort of “emergency” backup. That is, teams that experience some injuries to their QBs during the season or camp, sign Bouman to fill a spot on the depth chart. So Todd Bouman is pretty much exactly what the Dr. ordered for the Ravens.

Don’t get upset over the signing, Ravens fans. As our dearly departed former leader would tell us, “it is what it is.” The team has no plans for Todd Bouman to get a bunch of snaps from Jason Brown in 2008. He is simply here because the team NEEDED SOMEONE – a warm, clipboard holding body to serve as emergency backup until Troy Smith recovers from his Ebola. Otherwise, should Joe Flacco go down in the first couple weeks, Mark Clayton would then be the Ravens quarterback. Bouman is the least likely to come in and feel like he deserves a chance to start, and to cause a fuss pining to get the quarterback derby up and running again. No thanks. They needed somebody, they got somebody. Step back from the cliff.

Kind of makes you start to miss Kyle Boller, though, no?


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