No Surgery for Kyle, No Room for Cody

The Ravens had a busy day personnel-wise.  

  • Kyle Boller got a 2nd opinion on his shoulder injury and was informed that he may not need surgery to repair his right labrum.  Ozzie Newsome says that Kyle may be able to play this year, which would certainly be a positive for this team.  But this may be a smoke and mirrors game that Ozzie is playing with the rest of the league, who are smelling blood in the water when the Ravens come calling to discuss trades, hoping to fleece us for all we are worth to give us any veteran QB.  
  • The Ravens traded 2 late draft picks to the Tampa Bay Bucs for former Raven Marques Douglas.  Douglas has remained productive since leaving the Ravens following the 2004 season, tallying 3 sacks each of the last 2 seasons in San Francisco (he never played a down for Tampa, having only been signed last March), although his best years were 2003-4 here, when he racked up 10 over 2 seasons.
  • To make room for Douglas, the Ravens made a puzzling move, releasing LB Dan Cody.  Cody, whose career here in B’More has been one season ending injury after another, had by all reports been making great strides this preseason (granted, he was injured AGAIN) and was ready to contribute in 2008.  Maybe the Ravens plan on doing one of those old release-sign immediately deals with Dan, but if not….all you Ozzie Newsome detractors out there can chalk up another 2nd round bust.

Douglas’ signing is an interesting one.  On the surface, it seems logical after the team placed Dwan Edwards on IR earlier this week.  But Justin Bannan is another guy that can contribute on the DL as a running-down sort of guy, so they didn’t really NEED another one of those.  Unless, of course, Kelly Gregg’s recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery is not progressing as quickly as we had hoped.  Super.   


3 Responses to “No Surgery for Kyle, No Room for Cody”

  1. sprizzle Says:

    I wish Ozzie Smith worked for the Ravens. We could really use the wizard right now.

  2. Hatepaste Says:

    Can’t completely bust on the Ravens’ second round picks: Gary Baxter, Jamie Sharper, Anthony Weaver, Dwan Edwards, Adam Terry, Chris Chester…That list isn’t all that bad. Now the third round on the other hand…THAT’S bad.

  3. NestMinder Says:

    The last 3 that you mentioned are pretty sub-par for 2nd round picks…Edwards has gotten better recently, but is still just a backup, Terry can un-bust himself with a strong season this year, but Chester….how awful do you have to be to get zero PT on this offensive line in its’ current state?

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