Yanks Secret Negotiator Revealed

I had the pleasure of going to Yankee Stadium for the first time yesterday. Unfortunately, the O’s didn’t get to break out the brooms with the sweep, but 2 out of 3 from the Bombers in the Bronx is a pretty productive little series.

It was a good time anyway, though. The Stadium was great (outside it anyway), the fans were much more hospitable than expected (maybe its something about crossing the Mason-Dixon Line that turns them into giant douchebags?), and the new Yankee Stadium looks like its going to be bigger than the Roman Coliseum.

Before the game, we partook in some festivities at a happenin’ little bar right across the street from the stadium called Stan’s. Inside Stan’s was a very impressive mural of former and some current Skankee players.

Most were instantly recognizable:

Jeter, the Babe, and Mr. October, Reggie Jackson

Mustached first baseman Jason Gi Don Mattingly

Ruth again on the left, Mr. Quotable Yogi Berra on the right, but…wait a minute. What, or who, the hell is that in the middle there?

It wasn’t immediately obvious to us, so we asked a few people around the bar. Even the few Yankee fans we asked weren’t sure. Phil Rizzuto maybe? Billy Martin? Nobody knew.

The Birds’ Nest was able to figure it out though. Finally it can be explained how New York is able to go out and get any player they want, at any time. Hell, during the game yesterday, they traded for future Hall-of-Famer Pudge Rodriguez and only had to give up Kyle Farnsworth, a bespectacled middle reliever with a lifetime ERA near 4.5. How do they do it?

This guy is the Yanks’ secret negotiator. Here he is displaying his tried-and-true favorite negotiating tactic.


3 Responses to “Yanks Secret Negotiator Revealed”

  1. Netminder Says:

    Does anybody else think that pictures is really funny? It looks like he could be eating a huge submarine sandwich!!!!

  2. Ravers Says:

    Hahahahaha! It all makes sense now….

  3. Hatepaste Says:

    I wasn’t thinking of a submarine sandwich…

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