When the Ravens Are Away, The O's Will Play….

But once they come back, the O’s remind us that they’re still the O’s…

It’s like the O’s sense that big brother is coming home, and knowing that they are soon to be relegated to the back of the sports page and the Baltimore sports fan’s mind, they fall right back into their old habits.

Since the beginning calendar turned to July, meaning that Ravens training camp was just around the corner, the O’s are a dismal 7-15. And now, in the days following the Ravens actually starting camp, the O’s are 1-5. They now find themselves in last place (again), 4.5 games behind even the 4th place Blow Jays (of course it doesn’t help that they are 1-6 against Toronto this month).

The pitching, such a pleasant surprise earlier in the year, has really been the Achilles’ heel of the 2008 O’s of late. The team has yet to find even a SECOND consistent starter behind Jeremy Guthrie. But of course, when Guthrie pitches, the O’s never score more than 2 runs. Daniel Cabrera? After showing flashes of finally “getting it,” he is right back to his old self, and if not for the Kansas City Royals, he would still be looking for his first win since May 20. He needs to be traded, like yesterday. Garrett Olson, Brian Burress, Radhames Liz….all showing that they either aren’t ready or don’t have what it takes to be successful major league starters. The only thing you can count on from any of these 3 is that they will break the 100-pitch barrier by the 5th inning. And the perfect bow to wrap up the craptastic season of the O’s arms, Adam Loewen is a freaking OUTFIELDER now!

Thanks for at least being exciting to this point, Birds in Orange. We’d like to keep watching you, but you’re making it painfully obvious that you’re ready to pass the torch to the Birds in Purple.


One Response to “When the Ravens Are Away, The O's Will Play….”

  1. sprizzle Says:

    When was the last time an oriole was given a Ravens jersey?

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