Poe is the Fiercest Mascot in the NFL!

In case you missed it, our very own Poe was named the NFL’s fiercest mascot! In a fan-vote tournament done by cbssportsline.com, Poe, a #16(!!!) seed Cinderella beat out the Skins’ “mascot,” Chief Z, in the final.

Here are the results from Poe’s entire unlikely run through the competition:

Round 1
Poe (16) – 52%
Boltman-Chargers (1) – 48%

Round 2
Poe – 70%
Steely McBeam (9) – 30% (HAHAHAHA….stupid Ally McBeal – nice mascot, tools)

Round 3
Poe – 70%
T.D. – Dolphins (12) – 30%

Round 4
Poe – 53%
Billy Buffalo – Bills (14) – 47%

Poe – 52%
Chief Z – foreskins – 48%

Not only did Poe win the “Fiercest Mascot in the NFL” contest, but he got to run roughshod through the Squealers and ‘Skins on the way to the title (now if only the real Ravens could do the same, it would be a damn fine season) , as well as avenging the Ravens’ losses to Buffalo, San Diego, and Miami last season. Hell, maybe Poe should have been coaching and/or quarterbacking the team in ’07, huh?

Pretty cool, huh? The only thing though – I wonder if Edgar and Allen are feeling a bit left out – are those two even still around? We couldn’t find anything saying that they were or weren’t.


One Response to “Poe is the Fiercest Mascot in the NFL!”

  1. Ravers Says:

    Way to go Poe – now its time for him to party with Edgar and Allen! I can’t believe Steely McBeam was even in this competition. Maybe if it was a gay lumberjack competition…

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