O's Week in Review

The O’s were able to put an end to their 5-game skid by beating the Yankees today at the Yard, 6-1. Garrett Olson shut down New York’s bats for 7 innings, getting a bit of redemption after being roughed up at Yankee Stadium in his last outing, and the Birds’ put 5 on the board in the 7th, which is nothing short of an offensive explosion when compared to their struggles in the last week.

Punchless O’s
After beating up on the Yanks in New York 12-2, the Orioles did just what we’ve come to expect from them after scoring in double digits. That is, get shut out the next game. However, they took it a couple steps further this time, as they proceeded to score exactly 1 run over the next 3 games, all losses. They were able to put 4 on the board in the final two games in Tampa, but neither was enough to help them avoid the sweep at the hands of the Rays.

As of Memorial Day, only the Royals and Indians have scored fewer runs in the AL than the O’s.

Furthermore, no O’s regular is hitting above .258 (Markakis and Roberts, even with that crap average, are leading the team).

Nicky Mark still hasn’t been able to figure out how to regularly put the ball in play this year, as he leads the team and is tied for 4th in the AL, having gone down 48 times on strikes. It may be something we O’s fans will need to get used to though, as it comes with the territory of being such a selective hitter. “Eagle-eye” Nick, as he was known when he first came up, will absolutely not swing at a pitch that he considers to be borderline with less than 2 strikes. To his credit, he is also tied for 3rd in the AL with 32 walks, and as a result his OBP is higher than it was last year, even with that .300 average. Without anybody behind him to consistently produce though, the walks aren’t translating into runs on the board. Let’s get that average back up to where it belongs, Nick, and we’ll live with the strikeouts.

The O’s Have Road Woes, ‘Hon
With todays win, the O’s pushed their record at Camden Yards to 15-7. Only Boston has lost fewer games at home in the AL. However, they’re playing with no such gusto away from B’More (again – can’t score and play like crap on the road – are we talking O’s or Ravens here??), having compiled a 10-18 record on the road. Unfortunately, a 9-game road trip is just around the bend.

Ushers at OPACY SUCK!!!!
Alright, time to get angry. Read this piece from the Baltimore Examiner. I’ll wait.


What the hell is that shit?!? Those cockroaches from Boston and NY can come down here and raise hell in OUR STADIUM, and the few O’s fans that decide to fight back (100% P.G. fighting back, according to witnesses) get asked to leave for their troubles? Wow. Just….wow.

Another example of the Orioles having the absolute WORST public relations department in any of the 4 major sports. Way to go, O’s, you sure are showing the fans who’s boss.

And they wonder why nobody shows up….

On Deck
Two more games in the battle-for-the-basement against the Skankees

In The Hole
The Red Sux come to town for 4 this weekend. Let’s sweep ’em proper this time, boys!


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