Has the Air Been Let Out?

Haven’t confirmed it yet, but WNST is reporting that Steve McNair will announce his retirement today at a 1 o’clock news conference.

Stay tuned…

Updated at 1:15

Reports have been confirmed, and many major sports media outlets are now reporting that Steve McNair is, indeed, announcing his retirement today from the NFL after 13 seasons. His retirement saves the Ravens ~$7 million in cap space in 2008, and ~$9 million in 2009. According to his agent, Steve had just over the past several days started talking about retirement. It comes as a bit of a surprise, given that John Harbaugh had recently been talking up McNair, saying he was impressed with Steve’s work this offseason in dropping about 10 lbs and recommitting himself to strength and conditioning.

In the end, the commitment it would take on his part to remain competitive probably just seemed too much for Steve.


5 Responses to “Has the Air Been Let Out?”

  1. Sorry Sap Says:

    See what you’ve done unbiased guy!

  2. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    GOOD!! A win-win for your team. You get the young guys in there plus you save money towards your salary cap.

  3. Sorry Sap Says:

    The young guys suck. Now we are going to go ahead and take that gamble on a QB and we all saw how that turned out last time. So now our veteran QB is Kyle Boller, a guy has never been described as having the intangibles you’d expect to lead a team and mentor younger QBs. Our best chance is a 2nd year short guy, drafted in the 90th round, who has only had real successes when surrounded by all americans.

  4. Air Jordan Says:

    As a member of the “Air” family I must say, it’s a shame to see him go. Especially without 6 rings. However, I retired once and started playing baseball… maybe the Orioles could use a Left Fielder??

  5. D.Baby Says:

    Nah, Air – Luuuuuuuuuuuke has left field covered. Can your cousin pitch? Thats’ what the O’s could really use…although after seeing his dead arm last year, he may not be much help there. Hey! I’ve got an idea….if he throws a baseball anything like he throws a football, he may be one heck of a knuckleballer….he could go for 10 years and be the next Charlie Hough. Sign him up!

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