Record Low Crowd Watches O's Big Comeback

Birds at .500!

Last night the O’s pulled off an exciting come from behind victory against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and evened up their record at 1-1. Tonight they attempt to go for the unfathomable and get above .500. All kidding aside, it was a good night at the Yard, which is a bit of a shame in a way, because….

O’s Break Record for Smallest Crowd at OPACY History

The attendance of 10,505 was the lowest in stadium history, beating the old mark by nearly 3000! Actually, if just 57 fewer people had showed up, the record would have been broken by an even 2,632 (Cal Ripken Jr.’s consecutive games played streak, in case that number isn’t ringing a bell for ya)! O’s fans are much more creative and witty than the media gives them credit for, and this was obviously simply an attempt to protest that Peter Angelose sell the team to Cal!

Sell to Rip-ken!

(clap clap clapclapclap)

Sell to Rip-ken!

Nice try, O’s faithful.

But I digress….

Huff Homers….Still gets Booed

Aubrey Huff proved that he still has no problem hitting off Tampa Bay pitching, homering and adding a two-run triple to give the Birds the W. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come from Aubrey, and he won’t be going through his usual excruciatingly slow start to the season. A quick start will be the best way for the majority of O’s fans to get over all this ugliness from the past off season. What do you think, though, Nestgoers? Will you be cheering Mr. Huff at all this season, regardless of his numbers? Tell us in the poll above, or in comments below.

DCab A Mess. In other News, Hell is still hot.

Danny Cabrera continued his woes from spring training, walking 5 batters and giving up 6 earned runs, while throwing 94 pitches, in just 4+ innings of work. The enigma continues. Cabrera, unfortunately, has given us no indications this spring that he is anywhere near “putting it all together,” like we have all been waiting for him to do for what seems like eons.

Bullpen Great, Right on Schedule to Wear out by July

On the bright side of things, the bad start by DCab was quickly overshadowed by continued dominance from the O’s bullpen, who now have not allowed a run in 7 2/3 innings of work over the first two games. Manager Dave Trembley would certainly prefer his starters to think about keeping their pitch counts down enough to work a few more innings though, as averaging nearly 4 innings per game from his bullpen is surely not a trend that can be sustained with any success.

The O’s look to take the series from Tampa Bay tonight, with the Seattle Mariners and Erik Bedard coming to town for 4 this weekend.


6 Responses to “Record Low Crowd Watches O's Big Comeback”

  1. Ravers Says:

    I like going to games even when the team isn’t doing well. I enjoy sitting out there in nice weather with a beer looking at the skyline of the city.

    Of course, it is more enjoyable when the crowd is wild with excitement and instead of looking at the city skyline you’re watching the game…

  2. NestMinder Says:

    You mean the skyline that used to be there. Now all you can see is hotels. Yay development!

  3. Larry Bonds Says:

    city skyline is defined by high rises

  4. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    Didn’t even know you could see a skyline of the city from Camden Yards. All I see is that ugly-ass brick warehouse.

  5. D. Bag Says:

    Hey, brah. This is where the douches comment right? Looks like Im in the right spot. :Pops collar: Why don’t you report on a real team, like them Sox? As a proud member of the nation, Id like to second that not biased dude in saying the warehouse looks like an ugly girl’s butt as she takes the walk of shame from my room in the morning. No wonder nobody shows up. Why don’t you get something beautiful like the green monster out there? Then theyll be flockin to your shit stadium to see your shit team like me and my boys to the bar when JAGERBOMB shots are up! I’ll see you losers when the sox come to town, I gotta go get some more hair gel.

  6. UnbiasedGuy Says:

    LOL, I’m not a Sox fan, so I gotta say the Green Monster isn’t all that exciting. Seriously, it’s just a big green wall. From an aesthetic point of view, I gotta say the “prettiest” baseball stadium would have to be AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants. Nothing like hitting a ball out into the SF Bay.

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